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Heart going crazy

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Here lately when I go to sleep and start to doze off my heart drops. It kind of feels like the falling dream but I’m not having the dream. It’s like my heart just goes “whoosh.” I’ve been to the ER with it and they ran EKG and said it looked perfect. Anyone else experienced this before? It’s scary and my PCP has referred me to a cardiologist, just waiting on my appointment. If anyone can relate please let me know.

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Oh yes!!most nights.its horrible and leaves you gasping for air sometimes.

Good old anxiety,always there to remind you.

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It’s so horrible

Have you looked into sleep apnea?

I actually haven’t. Could you explain it to me?

Sound like a long road ahead. how long have you been dealing with this?

I;ve been having this lately. Like an empty feeling in my chest aswell. A couple of nights I woke up a bit breathless multiple times in the night. I'm currently going through health anxiety again, focused on my heart so I wonder if it's just the anxiety being awkward!

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