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Heart anxiety


Omg I feel so ridiculous, I constantly feel something is wrong with my heart, it constantly skips beats feels like it’s gonna stop. I have been to the cardiologist wore a heart monitor 3 different times for 2 weeks at a time. I have had echocardiogram of my heart and I can’t even count how many EKGS everything is always normal I don’t believe the drs. I feel like it’s gonna just stop it 28 years old

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Hi I'm exactly the same I've been told it's anxiety.. I can hear my pulse in my ears it's constant all the time..I often feel like my heart is racing but its actually normal pace its so scary at times x

I feel like sometimes my heart beats to slow

Yes I do to I have finger oxymeter n that tells me if it's slow or fast

I constantly check my blood pressure

I check mine weekly on advice from doc.. How old r u


Omg I could have written this! My heart skips, races, thuds etc and I’ve Also had all the tests and seen cardiologists and been told it’s anxiety. But it is so hard to believe sometimes isn’t it! When you feel so rubbish all the time.

Sal53 in reply to Minnie87

The same here. I feel rubbish everyday so hard to believe there is nothing wrong with me after All tests I have had

hardworker190 in reply to Sal53

It’s crazy I can sleep 10 hours and feel like I slept for 1 hour

Hi I get the same every time im anxiois feels like its pounding out my chest im the same as purple I can hear my pulse in my ears


Nat it's horrible ain't it..

I only have to cough n I can hear it in my ears x

It sure is purple

Nat xx

Av u had it checked via docs x

I try to take a walk when I get anxious and feel horrid palpitations. It helps a lot but when I come home I feel, well like shit. Right now i feel pretty bad. My heart is slipping like hell. I pray it will end. Please.


I meant skipping. Like skipping beats.


Don’t worry about heart palpitations they are not dangerous. This is something many anxious people experience. I’ve been have palpitations for thirty years and sometimes I feel like my heart will jump out of my chest. I used to worry too but I researched them on the internet and also had my heart monitors several times and now I just ignore them and wait for them to pass. Don’t let this fuel your anxiety further because it will make them worse 😊

Well it’s not just my heart racing, it’s sometimes beats slow.

Well a slow heartbeat is a sign that you are very fit and healthy so stop worrying and looking for symptoms that aren’t there. Top athletes have a very slow resting heart rate so you’re clearly physically fit. And if you have been checked over by doctors you have nothing to worry about it’s all in your mind. You need to learn distraction techniques so when you have these thoughts you get up and do something or put music on or listen to an audio book. Focusing on health issues that aren’t there will only cause you much unnecessary distress 😊

Like no matter how much sleep I get in constantly tired and like body aches, I feel like my bodies gonna shut down I’m only 28 I should have a lot more energy then this!

Do you have a stressful life? Have you had a traumatic childhood? Stress comes out in all kinds of different ways . You need to tell your GP how you’re feeling and he may give you some anti depressants. You’re still very young and you can take control of these issues before they escalate. Don’t be afraid to ask for help 😊

I have no energy no matter how much sleep I get

I'm so sorry you feel like this. I wasnt having any palpitations until today. My heart feels like it will stop and I am terrified. It's slow and fast and I feel awful. I am starting a holter monitor today and I'm afraid of that too. I will pray for you hard worker. My tests come back normal too but I dont believe it because I feel faint when I get them. I'm just scared as heck. I'm having them right now and I'm just going to pray to god to help me make it through.

Same way I’m scared to sleep rn 🥺

Sorry hun. Its midnight and I had to take a walk with my boyfriend to try to calm down. This is really ridiculous. Stay positive and prayed up. 🙁

Thankyou !!

You are very welcome

Please stop worrying I have been there and I know it’s scary but I’ve been having for 25 years and have learned what sets them off mostly!

What you are having are ectopic beats everyone gets them but not everyone feels them. As you are an anxious person you will tune in more easily than most. Look up dr Sanjay Gupta in u tube. He’s an amazing cardiologist and this should put your mind at ease a little. I found 1000mg of vitamin has helped mine reduce an Enormous amount. You need to find a way of distracting yourself because worrying makes it worse x

What kind of vitamin?

Clurmac in reply to Clurmac

Whoops sorry lol vitamin D

I get so tired no mater how much I sleep so my mind tells me I have heart disease or cancer

I'm not surprised you're tired all the time you are exhausting your self worrying all the time.

Why don't you get yourself some sort of relaxation app or CD or whatever you use. If you start doing that a couple of times a day or when you are feeling at your worst it will start to help, I speak from experience. Once you find something that lets your mind drift away from your worry. I am sure your symptoms will start to abate x

How do you feel ?

I have this to. I have pvc's premature ventricular contractions had them for years. Have seen lots of doctors, heart is normal. Stress, echo, king of hearts,. If you have done all the tests your pretty much good to go. Stay away from caffeine, get rest, and exercise. It has helped me the most. Anxiety is always going to be there, just try to resolve that problem also, it's just a vicious cycle. Calm the anxiety and the rest always follows, just don't have that magic wand to make it go away. Keep a journal. If it feels different make sure you see your doctor.. Aug 21st going in for more heart work, these bangers are getting a lil worse. Stay safe and well.

Do I have that too?

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