I'm going crazy

I can't help but to feel like this isn't anxiety and panic attacks I feel like this is something else does anyone else feel like this and that feeling that your just going die it's so scary my poor heart has been through so much stress because I feel ill and I feel like this is something else will my heart get weak or give out? I'm trying so hard to accept it as anxiety but these feelings are real the pain above and below my left side breast is the scariest it's been almost a week with this new symptom it's so crazy I don't feel like myself at all I also get twitching and spasms there which doesn't make it better my mind is not not convinced I just want to be normal again I get jealous of other people because I want to live without worrying about my health all the time it's non stop.. I've never had anxiety or a history of it so it is new to me I feel like I'm crying wolf to the doctors and they are frustrated with me like alot but I feel like I'm dying all the time the panic attack has caused reflux excessive belching and heart burn out of the blue which I've never had and I keep getting symptoms of heart attack or something I'm a female and 19 pretty petite for my age could this be a warning sign of heart disease or heart attack please I haven't slept since this symptom began. Anyone ?


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  • Hi JozelynKelly01, I wish I could make you believe that what you are experiencing is not coming from your heart but from your anxiety. There is not one of us who hasn't believed that something more sinister had to be going on. After all, how could our mind control how our bodies react? But the mind/body connection is strong. The symptoms come from the rush of adrenaline coursing through your body whenever a symptom comes on and your mind comes into overdrive. Your heart can take what anxiety hands out to it. You are not going to wear it out.

    The pain you feel on the left side of your chest, the twitching & spasms comes from your overstressed muscles and nerves. Your reflux, excessive belching and heartburn are again caused from stress which causes excess acid produced by your stomach. Belching from air being swallowed because of being so anxious. These may be uncomfortable but are not symptoms of a heart attack especially in a healthy 19y.o. girl. The fact that you are petite can cause you to feel more symptoms around the heart area (even tho not heart related).

    Not sleeping is more harmful that any of the other issues you are experiencing. Our body need to rest and regenerate. Sleep is important to both your mental and physical health. I would assume you can't sleep because you are so worried about your health and your heart. Nothing is going to happen to you. Tonight when you go to bed, take a few deep breathes and know you are safe. Nothing will happen if you let go and let peace and calm come over you. I wish you a good night's sleep. x

  • You're amazing, Agora1. You are very rich emotionally. You've helped me in some of my darkest times and I'm very grateful for you. I know that this whole community is. so, thank you.

    Jozelyn, everything Agora said, I cant agree more with. The mind/body connection is STRONG. Harvard research is finding that emotional trauma is stored in our muscle fascia. As an exercise science major, I'll put this in a way to easily understand. It's a "skin" that covers our muscles and stores emotional energy. That's why we can feel it everywhere. You will find peace, look up my most recent post, "late night processes" to practice an exercise I have at the end.

  • Thank you rockster, unfortunately we all speak from our vast experience with anxiety. Hope today is good to you. :)

  • I constantly think I'm going to die, my heart feels like it's just going to stop from all the pain, flutters and missed beats, but this is indeed anxiety, anxiety has even put me off food for months because I was truly convinced that I was really sick, I started vomiting after anything I ate because I felt so nauseous, the truth is, anxiety can completely take over and the symptoms of it seem to be a never ending list of bullshir, you will be ok, the thing that always helps me is checking it over with my doctor, if they say you're fine then you must believe them and try to go on ^=^

  • Thank you it's just so hard to accept that it's anxiety I'm always at the doctors trying to make them prove that there is nothing physically wrong I think I've made myself sick worrying and googling the symptoms.. which is the worst thing to ever do btw. Thank you all it's hard but I'm sure it will pass

  • Ive got many more years of what you are describing here. You wrote a classic report of good ol scary thoughts that result in the symptoms of common variety anxiety. Its a double edged sword. The good news is, its anxiety and you will be fine. The bad news is, its anxiety and it takes work to train your thoughts OFF of the scary ones. I have so walked in your shoes.

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