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Lots of anxiety


I feel just awful in the morning and early afternoon. The anxiety is just tremendous, my chest feels like it's clenched very tight and fluttering at times, the self-deprecating thoughts arise and whirl around in my head, and I'm left paralyzed in my bed unable to get up or speak to anyone. And the thing is is that after 4-5pm those feelings ease up on me and I'm able to function again. I'm able to go outside and go to places like the gym. I'm taking a class that meets twice a week at community college and I always tell myself on the night before that I'm gonna get up for class the next day and it's gonna be better but I just cannot and the cycle repeats itself. Has anyone else had this kind of experience or know why this happens? This anxiety has halted my education for years.

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Do you feel disappointed for some reason? I was very disappointed in myself for a while, even though I'm very successful academically and professionally. The void in my soul was only fulfilled when I started giving back. I now volunteer and try to make it a priority to help others, even if it gets in the way of my gym time (which I usually can't stand).

We have many needs, but the need to give back is one that we ignore all too often.

Hi. I don't just feel disappointed, I also feel frustrated, insecure, lonely, and scared. I'm so insecure when it comes to talking to people that I'm going over possible things to say in my head before ever speaking out loud. I just don't know how to be when dealing with people.

I've actually done a lot of volunteer work. but still, I could not get along with people. And eventually I felt a growing disconnect between myself and those around me, and that's what is really getting me down, the inability to get along with people.

I'm pretty successful all around and if I'm being honest, even on good days some times I just get really anxious. I honestly feel like this world wasn't meant for us. We put so much into it to make it feel right, but it's just not compatible with our souls. We need to stop treating life like it's permanent.

This is something I feel very strongly about so forgive me if I'm pushing my beliefs here. Do you believe in some form of God? Are you spiritual?

I'm not sure. I have gone to church many many times and prayed and studied the bible, but the ideas never truly stuck with me. It seems like a receptive idea, but it isn't something I live by in my daily life.

Both my parents are scientists, so I never grew up around faith, spirituality, or anything of that sort. Whenever I'm severely depressed my father hands me my pills and says believe in science and medicine

Listen to me. You owe it to yourself to give spirituality a fair shot. All you did was what you were told, that's not faith. I have an extraordinary relationship with God, but before I got here, I had to unlearn everything and start from scratch. Science says that you should use your reason. The only reason you went to church and studied the Bible is because you were told that it was the truth. My parents forced their beliefs on me, but I used my own reason. I spoke to God directly, who ever he was, and asked him to guide me to him, to the truth.

Now, I have no question that I'm on the right path. I submit to God's will and go with his plan for me. Ever since then, my anxiety levels are at an all time low.

Fact: Spiritual people are happier than non spiritual people because they have a sense of belonging, not as lonely.

Whether God does exist or not, living my life as if he does, as if the owner of the world is my best friend, gives me better results than any drug.

There's a simpler way to live, there always has been.

Thank you for sharing your faith. Still to this day, I cannot fully grasp or comprehend the concept of a God. But I do hope that someday I'll be able to tap into my spiritual side more and find peace from within.

1. I looked to God to help me out during my anxiety I looked to him when I was younger but now I gave up on him because it's been 5 years and every one that was helping me at one point gave up on me just like God did I feel as though religion is the root cause of anxiety due to the UNKNOWN after death.. I feel as though our souls recycle AKA reincarnation but another part of me thinks NOTHING happens ( can you remember the moments before you were born? That's the feeling/ thought I have on the WHAT HAPPENS after death... absolutely nothing..) I'm not atheist I wanna believe in something but I simply lose my faith every breath I take sure I have heard stories of God healing people from all their depression or anxiety issues but who's to say they aren't imagining it (they helped themselves) any how sorry to rant but I believe I given up on religion as it is the biggest issue I have about my anxiety.. if there is a God I have failed him

Fear of the unknown is the most justifiable fear out there :) On the issue of life after death I use common sense which says that whether God exists or not, believing in him can only do you good and can not harm you. If you believe in God and he doesn't exist, big whoop.

I've given up on God plenty of times, and I'm not here to tell you stories about how he healed my anxiety. The truth is, my unique perspective has helped me not only overcome anxiety and daily struggles, but prosper through them as well.

I would really love for you to experience the happiness I do now because I know how it feels on the other side, it stinks. But that's the thing about faith, describing it doesn't do any good, you really have to feel it to believe it.

I would highly recommend that you do some research on the topic of faith and happiness (I'm not implying that you haven't), but you will find that science has proven that spiritual people are happier than people who aren't spiritual. So it is reasonable not to give up on faith, although it me feel unreasonable to keep trying.

I just really care about you even though I don't know you because I know how it is to feel lost and alone, and I know how great it feels to finally not feel that way :)

I really, REALLY, hope you find your way...

Much love

Never looked at it that way.. BUT even if I believe which for the most part I do it doesn't mean I'll get into heaven.. and repenting to me is only there for when you truly are sorry for sinning and God knows when you are sincere so sometimes I just say why bother if it isn't sincere..

One more thing I want to add:

You may not agree with everything your employer does, and there's a lot that you don't understand about the company, but you still don't quit your job. Just because I don't agree with everything God does, doesn't mean I quit.

Just an analogy I tell myself when my faith takes a hit :)

Yes I have experiences anxiety and don't worry! If you feel worry or stressful it causes anxiety. If you feel comes anxiety then don't too thinking and just accept anxiety and relax few times to away.

Don't too worry about can't sleep. Just do sleep and relax.

Don't take medicine It's not benefits.

Important you just ignore always when you get anxiety

Hope you get better soon!

Kainan_li in reply to kemnite

Hi. Thank you for the advice. I try, but it is extremely hard

kemnite in reply to Kainan_li


Because you have too high worry or feels lonely that's why.

Do jogging and exercises and do more talks and spend time with your family and friends then will be forget about anxiety.

Good luck & blessing!

Strangely enough it is mornings and early afternoon for me to .. after 5.00pm my mood gets better think it could be the medication I take at night not sure but weird that

Agora1 in reply to Pat9

Pat, it's true that the morning and early afternoons are the worse. After 5pm or dinner, I start to feel more calm. Right now, I'm shaking, fearful and just want to start crying from the frustration and loneliness of this all.

I've missed so many things in my life (have you?) because of this darn anxiety. Wishing us better days ahead. xx

Pat9 in reply to Agora1

yes Agora so have I, plagued with anxiety all my life even now I have health anxiety and have been on the phone this morning to my doctor as i am convinced I have angina when he thinks it is anxiety, I get myself into such a state. it is an awful condition to live with gentle hugs to you xxx

Agora1 in reply to Pat9

Pat, I'm sorry you are struggling this morning. I hope you will be okay. I know how hard it is to believe that anxiety can cause so much turmoil in our lives. I'll be thinking good thoughts and sending them your way. Please feel calmer soon. xx

Pat9 in reply to Agora1

Thank you Agora, doing my best spent yesterday reading through my Dr Claire Weekes books again they help me a lot always have done gentle hug to you xxx

Agora1 in reply to Pat9

Great book, I've referred to it for too many years to count. Take care of yourself. Wishing you a better day today.

Hi, I understand very well how difficult mornings are. Contemplating what's going to happen today. I usually go on this site to just not feel so alone but it is a terrible way to start each day. My best to you.

Hi. me too. I hate the thought of waking up the next morning. so uncertain of what it may bring.

Agora1 in reply to Kainan_li

Lately, I am starting to get a little anxious before going to bed anticipating the morning. The difference is I am so tired that I still am able to go to sleep.

Yes the only thing I cud get outa bed for was work and that was at night! I trained my mind to just get up for work! I'd say work mode and cud do it! I think if you try to talk yourself into it like you do the night b4 u may b able to do it! I had many conversations with myself and wen the time came I forced myself to do it because I knew the importance of work! Is there an anxiety med you can take in the morning or take evening classes? Try doing that one morning get in that bathroom and fight it and once u get out you will feel quite accomplished! I don't know you or if what I said may help u, but it's worth a try!!! Let me know!!!

Kainan_li in reply to Debbweb01

Hi. That is exactly the thing to do. And its something I need to work on. Thanks you!

Kainan_li in reply to Debbweb01

Hi. That was the thing to do when I had a job. But I've been out of work for so long due to anxiety/depression that its hard to get things going again. But its something I must work on. Thank you!

Hi I am very disappointed in myself because I can't get on with others. I have been bullied all my life because of the way I am. I have had the anxiety cycles that you mentioned. I don't know why it happens in a cycle. My anxiety does not go off until 9pm. It seems to be easier when I'm sitting watching the TV in the evening.

Having anxiety has stopped me working for the past 6 months. I am seeking work now and I think I having a job would give me the motivation to succeed

Hi. so sorry to here that you've been bullied because of the way you are. I am so with you on this and know how you feel. I've also been out of a job for the past 6 months or so and I want to put myself out there again, but I just have zero confidence. I don't know of any employer who would hire someone like me with such low self-respect for himself. I hope you can find a job you love and find passion in the work that you know. It can make all the difference.

Yes I feel the same with regards to finding an employer to employ me with no confidenceand no self respect. Anxiety is awful and people don't realise how it can take over their life.

What country do you come from and are you on any medication?

Yeah it's a sad prospect. I live in the U.S. Are you from the U.K?

I take 60mg of Cymbalta every morning, but I feel like it is only masking the problem and not getting to the root of it. Confidence has to come from withing, and it is only cultivated by accumulating small victories in your daily life. No amount of medication can just give you that

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