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Terrified of SSRI


So I’ve been struggling really bad for the last few months I’m constantly crying depressed about the anxiety. Constant panic attacks I’m in such a hole. I was given lexapro 5mg. My plan was to break it in half and start with 2.5 until for 2 weeks then start 5 but I’m to scared. I have 3 kids that I have to be present for I work 2 jobs i can’t do the whole zombie I can’t get out of bed sick beginning. Please someone help me. I need to take this I need to get better but I’m sooo scared of how I’m gonna feel

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Hi 2.5 mg should not do much to u. Especially if u think u will become

A zombie it will take more than that

Am on zoloft and my psychiatrist

Wanted me to start at a 100mg and

I said I will start at 50 mg and after

2 weeks I went up to 100mg and the

Side effects

If I were you I would start at the dose you feel comfortable with and whatever happens, happens.The kids, the jobs- the world has a way of working itself out. You need to get your anxiety under control and that is the prize you need to keep your eye on. Imagine what your life will be like without anxiety. Picture it. Really picture it and feel all the wonderful feelings you will feel and how your outlook on life will change. Sometimes we all have to go through temporary sh*t before we get to a better place and this is that time for you. I know it's scary as hell but what's scarier is to remain where you are and not do anything about it and just continue on this way. It's like giving up. Don't give up! Be brave and do it!☺️ Your kids will thank you for it!

This is exactly the reason i haven't taken tablets, my dr said it could make me worse before i get better or by trying to find the right tablet, i hate the thought of getting any worse

Don't be afraid, the options are continue your life with anxiety or give medicine a chance...when I finally overcame my fear of meds, I was given e-citalopram which changed my life...wish I,d taken them years before...

Best wishes

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