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Super terrified

I am feeling really uncomfortable right now idk what’s going on. I feel mixed up all morning in my head like my thoughts are all mixed up and it’s hard for me to think/type/read and focus. I feel tired like my eyes feel heavy but I’m not sure how I could I went to bed at 11 last night and slept through the night. I feel super mixed up like if I type something and try to reread it I feel like it doesn’t make sense or something.

I was under extreme stress yesterday due to a conflict with a family member and spent 11 hours trying to contact them. I’m not sure if this is contributing to how I’m feeling today or not.

I feel like I can see clearly but it feels like my eyes need to close or something and I’m all

Mixed up. I don’t sleep when I’m home alone though I force myself to stay awake it’s a fear of mine. I keep worrying I’m having or going to have a stroke it’s terrifying for me although I’m sure I’m just going through panic or


Please someone reply I would so appreciate it thank you so much I need the reassurance

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I understand, my thoughts are all jumbled up too. I feel hopelseee. I csn never focus, i feel like i exist. What are your thoughts?


I cant even type


They’re nothing in particular just a bunch of random thoughts all race to my head at once and get tangled then don’t make sense I guess? I guess I am experiencing mostly confusion or something idk how to describe it. Yeah I’m having bad focus like I keep feeling blank or something


Ok. Jacknjills, we have already discussed the family 11-hour "war" you had yesterday and today is for recuperation, no matter what your mind and body decide to do. So, concentrate on that, chill the best ays you know how and try to refrain from concentrating on wht is different today and maybe write in a journal how you are feeling in addition to posting today. If readers didn't catch your post about the "war" you had yesterday, they may not have the full picture of what is happening. Really think tomorrow will be better if you concentrate on just relaxing and ignoring body and mind quirks today. You're in battle fatigue. ok? xx

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Hi HearYou,

Thank you for your thoughtful reply to my post.

I just wanted to quickly say I apologize for the way I spoke to you the other day on here I was agitated and feeling like nobody was understanding me. I hope that you will accept my apology.

Thank you I will do my best. I always worry everyday whenever I go through any weird symptoms that it’s something much worse (Stroke etc) I know his is highly unlikely but you know how anxiety plays with our minds! I always think “Oh no will THIS one be the time IT happens? It feels different from the last time”

I will just try to keep on distracting myself and relax. Thank you so much for your kind reply


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