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I know I've posted this previously and it's been months but I'm still having these body twitches mainly in my feet and face. I've recently been to the dentist a few times and when I have my mouth open my cheek and lips twitched nonstop...super embarrassing. But it stopped as soon as I closed my mouth. I noticed also my fingers tremble slightly but it's always when I think about it or when I'm anxious. I've also had dizziness feeling and off balance feeling lately again. I feel like I'm in a never ending cycle of fear and what if it's this disease or that disease. The only time I get relief is when I'm sleeping.

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Hey do u take medication? Have u contact your doctor? Have u seen a ENT? I been having some weird pulsating and throbbing in the back of my head. Been to the ENT Thursday and he said Arthritis in the cheek went to urgent care today she said ear infection and sinus infection and am tired of the feeling she gave me pain medication and a antibiotic if it don’t go away in a couple of days am going to the hospital and my psychiatrist upped my zoloft 3 weeks ago so it could be anything

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I have been to my primary care dr ent neurologist all couldn't find anything my dr kept saying anxiety and take a multivitamin...he wasnt really concerned about it.

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Anxiety can cause our body’s to go haywire. Have u had blood work done

To check if u low in vitamins

I’ve had twitches all over (mainly arms and legs) for the last two months after hearing some bad health news related to a family member. I think it must be stress. Because your body is in fight/flight mode your muscles are tense and ready to fight your fear or run from it, this makes them jumpy.

It has eased the last few days though. I’ve been taking lemon balm but also recently started medication as my ferritin and vitamin D were pretty low. I guess one of those may have helped?

I do keep worrying that my arms feel a bit week though; mainly in my triceps. Any ache/weakness in my arms and legs is worrying me at the moment but it may be a case of over-focussing on those areas.

In my mid twenties I had really bad twitching in the sides of my feet, they were constantly pulsating but it did go.

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I've had the foot twitch for months now but I have no other symptoms. I did start exercising right before any of the twitching occurred so I'm wondering if somehow it's related to me working out all the time. My dr wont do my vitamin levels for me so I kind of have to guess at the cause and try to come up with a remedy myself

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I had been going to the gym a lot before my foot twitches started so probably the same

I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy in which gives me tremors in my hands but only upon waking in the morning and it's exacerbated by stress alcohol and insomnia

There's a myriad of different forms of epilepsy perhaps a neurologist could check it out?

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