Twitching, burning, numbness etc

Hello all,

I have suffered from anxiety and panick attacks since I can remember. I am also a hypochondriac and just reading about a disease or new symptom will have me feeling the same. As the title states I have been suffering with nonstop muscle twitches, burning, numbness, brain fog, weakness, bad hand eye coordination and more. I doesn't help that a coworker was diagnosed with ALS and I know another person with MS. I have been to my Dr, Cardio, Ear Nose Throat and finally a Neuro. All test administered have been excellent and normal. But still the way I feel and the thoughts I have make me feel like a have a terrible disease. I have tried SSRI and other pharms for anxiety and depression but honestly don't want to go down this route. I am currently looking into finding a good psychiatrist to help me. Anyway sorry for the rant and thank you for letting me join this forum.


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  • Same i think I'm dying every day 🙈

  • This is so sad. Never think that. Think of yourself as a strong , healthy person and keep smiling.. No dying allowed here. ;0

  • I know def not anxiety is the worst xx🙈

  • Def when I'm cleaning or doing things I'm fine it's when I'm doing nothing it's worse xx

  • It's hard sometimes, but we should never give up. I find doing activities I enjoy helps with my anxiety and stupid negative thoughts.

  • Def anxiety is the worst 🙈

  • Serruyo, firstly you have done the right thing in having yourself checked over by medical specialists and as they are of the opinion that you have nothing organically wrong with you, you must now accept that your problems are due to anxiety and nervous sensitisation. Yes, we are all hypochondriacs here and regularly convince ourselves that we have some serious illness, this is due to introspection, too much testing ourselves for symptoms of illness.

    As I recommend to most other people here, do order a copy of Claire Weekes' classic book 'Self help with your nerves' (also published in the U.S. as 'Hope and help with your nerves'. It will bring immediate reassurance but more importantly contains the method for desensitising our nervous system - the method is simple to understand but requires perseverance in order to return to tranquility and peace of mind. Read it again and again, it has brought relief to hundreds of thousands, probably millions. If you've already read it then read it again and try harder for there is no better solution to the way you are feeling. I sincerely hope that 2017 is the year of your recovery and the year you reclaimed your life.

  • Thanks Jeff for your response. After reading your suggestion I ordered the book from Amazon. I prefer trying to get better the natural way, instead of relying on meds.

  • I've been the same for 15 years. I've try almost every medication under the sun. I just can't accept certain symptoms as anxiety. Numbness/tingling, brain fog, wobbly legs, bouts of crying almost daily. Three neurologist, various MRI's. This is my first post, I wish everyone wellness.

  • I feel the same way. How can anxiety make us feel so bad? I have read and visited many anxiety forums and the stories people post about their symptoms makes you think they are in their last days. But they keep going and posting for years, so this should let us know the wreak anxiety plays on our body and mind.

  • Hey! My name is Heather and just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I've always had anxious tendencies but became a hypochondriac around 2 years ago. I understand how you feel about things like ALS, MS and pretty much any other disease we can convince ourselves we have. I'm a registered nurse so I have a ton of medical k owledge about what all this stuff COULD be and it makes me a worse hypochondriac I think. This year I started getting anxiety induced depersonalization where I felt detached and almost like I was floating in a dream or disconnected from my surroundings or body. I freaked out (obviously!) and went down the trail of "omg what if this is temporal lobe epilepsy, MS? Am I psycho?!" I've been to a neurologist as well and all my tests were normal just like you. I'm still working on my recovery and can't say that I'm on the other side but I just wanted to let you know that someone understands. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Just know you're far from alone. I find a lot of comfort knowing this and that there ARE people who have gotten over this stuff for good. We can too!

    Ps- I've tried all the meds too. What a joke lol.

  • Thanks Heather, I'm glad I'm not alone with this. I read somewhere that anxiety is the third leading cause of ER visits. So we are not alone. Also I will give any person who is a hypochondriac a tip, " DON'T EVER GOOGLE YOUR SYMPTOMS!!". I made the mistake of doing this when I got one twitch on my bicep and 2 months later here I am with nonstop anxiety, twitches, burning feeling, and bad hand eye coordination. There is a list of over 100 anxiety symptoms online that anyone battling with anxiety should check out. It will put your mind at ease when you see all the symptoms our mind can copy and make us feel.

  • I'm seeing a neurologist (yet again) in two days for a EMG.

    I'm absolutely terrified. Health Anxiety has robbed me of my life.

  • I was a hypochondriac until I realized I was depressed and always looking for the bad with little self esteem.

    My brother-in- law told me to think of myself as Healthy and strong and one day I started doing that and focused on other things. Helped the aged and realized my problems were mostly in my head. You can cure yourself with your thoughts.




  • Good luck with your appointment.

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