Acid reflux hell

Ok so I've been getting acid reflux for months now. Notmally I get the acids moving up and down and constraint daily burping/shorteness of breath. Docs put me on all kinds of tablets none worked. I've tried everything. Mor recebtly ive been beginning to heave/gag when I burp and over the last two days I've felt sick with it which I normally don't so that's concerning me. Anyone got any similar stories/tips? Mouth is watering and tastes horrid my stomach is burning and I feel like I need to vomit but never do. Getting tired of it now. It makes me anxious as hell feeling sick like something is going to happen :( been tested for h-pylori it's not that. Had a camera down they said it was clear. I'm at my wits end in tired of it, it's beginning to take over my life.


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10 Replies

  • I have a similar issue at the moment. It comes on when I am stressed or anxious for any length of time and hangs around until the stressor has gone. The problem, of course, is that the reflux/nausea/burping, etc, MAINTAINS the anxiety and stess and becomes self-sustaining.

    All I can suggest is that you speak to your doctor and get some acid-suppressing medication to limit the damage to your esophagus and then try to deal with the anxiety/stress that's brought it on.

  • Did the camera hurt I have to have one for the same reason but I can't eat with mine it feels like it gets stuck

  • The camera didn't hurt at all just felt strange

  • U assent put to sleep

  • No just had a numbing spray

  • See I would go crazy I would have to be out cold

  • I thought the same but it was either that or keep worrying

  • Yea right now I just want to eat I am so tired of worrying and stressing bout what hurts and I thought I was doing good with the anxiety until this throat thing and it sucks so look bad to have to deal with this ever day all day I wish it would all go away . I started out anxiety bout my breathing . Then my heart now my throat. But it has caused acid reflux . So it's mad it harder to eat

  • A lot of reflux is caused by anxiety. Mine started the same. With my heart. Then with my breathing/reflux p

  • It's horrible I am so over all of it and then the Dr want to put u on something for reflux and anxiety and depression and then a break thru med really

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