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Tongue twitching? Wtf

My tongue started twitching yesterday just one time, then today a couple times..

I did mention a few days ago that my legs were twitching when i went to bed.. So is this connected?

Do any of you know what this could be?

And have any of you experienced this?

I bite my tongue when i sleep.. So i may have nerve damage..

I'm going to the dentist to get a mouth gard for when i sleep.

I'm trying to not to worry too much bout this, what should/could i do to calm down?

Haha but im calming down, i'm okay, i'm healthy.

I just need to go to the doc & get it checked out just to make sure u know?

-Vic xoxox

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I've had twitching on and off for over 2 years. They don't know what's causing it. Have you any other symptoms, not prying just trying to help


No just my legs twitching sometimes when i'm in bed


My legs are the worst although I do get it elsewhere. There could be a few reasons. Anxiety, stress, vitamin deficiency. I should speak to your GP just to get it checked out. It is very common.


I've had a nerve in my tongue twitch on occasion.

As I suffer from severe health anxiety it worried me silly until I happened to mention it to a close friend who said 'oh yeah I get that quite a bit and never took any notice of it'!


I was worried and of course stupidly went on the Internet and got all sorts of diseases.


Thats what i did last night!

I looked it up & these ppl were like " yah i know someone who's tongue couldnt move anymore, so they couldnt swallow, etc"

I was freaking out lol

I hate that!!!


Please, pease don't go on the Internet I used too and I ended up in a terrible state. This disease you have been looking at would have shown other signs before twitching. Twitching comes towards the end as the nerves are dying. The more you worry the more you will twitch, it's catch 22 . Hope that has reassured you a bit


Yes thanks :)



If you have to go on a site look up bfs it's benign fasciliation syndrome. Good luck. Text me if you need any more help


My tongue started twitching at the tip when I was using a teeth whitening product that used mouth guard type trays filled with the bleaching agent. It got so bad I had trouble talking. I stopped using the whitener and the twitching went away.

Recently it started up again at the same time as I used a whitening toothpaste. Too much of a coincidence for me.


Are u still alive


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