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Spitting up blood for a week and freaking out

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I’m spitting up blood and went to the E.R. and they took my blood pressure and sent me home. I went to see my primary care physician and he gave me a referral for an endoscopy of upper gi....the blood is not coming from my mouth. I’ve been spitting up the blood for a week now, everyday. The endoscopy is not for 2 weeks and I’m freaking myself out. This has put a big dent in being excited for the holidays. Ulcer maybe? I’m not coughing up blood, I’m spitting it up. I’m a 37 year old male.

2 Replies
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Jay, I understand how frightening it is in not knowing where this blood is

coming from. 5 years ago, I went through the same thing. Spitting up blood

especially when I woke up in the morning after a full night's sleep. Even my

tongue was coated with blood. No cough, not sick and yet out of no where I

would taste blood in my mouth from time to time.

I went to my dentist who told me it was coming from my gums. Nothing hurt,

my gums weren't inflamed and yet they were seeping blood.

Did your GP do some lab work to make sure nothing is going on with your blood?

Have you seen your dentist? I hope you find some answers so you can have some

peace of mind and enjoy the holiday. I wish you well Jay....

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its happened to me in the past even coming out my nose but that was because I was taking to many paracetamol tablets for hip pains.

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