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Freaking out ☹️


I can’t do this, I’m having way too much anxiety! I’m crying and I can’t keep doing this. If you haven’t read my previous posts I’m pregnant and I had to cut off my Xanax. As of right now I’m not taking anything but this panic is really getting to me today.y heart had been racing and my mind has been playing games with me today. I hate this!

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What's your anxiety over? I'd like to try and help, but I must first know what's in your mind and why you're in pain.

I have No Clue it just Comes and Goes... I’m guessing it’s my hormones due to being pregnant but I can’t shake it off it’s been bothering me all day! 🙁

You're stressed about how you're feeling? Trust me, nothing to worry about at all. It's just a feeling. Adjust to it, and feel comfortable regardless of anxiety and it's symptoms. Distract yourself, and enjoy yourself by watching a show, or perhaps by going out with friends. Do something enjoyable, and don't let anxiety bother you.

Easier said than done, but it can't harm you. If your irrational thoughts were making you think something dangerous would happen to you soon, then that would be hard to get over. If all you get is that butterfly type feeling, and other annoying but non-harmful anxiety over nothing, then it's nothing severe. Trust me on this one, I had the same thing as you, but got it a hundred times worse by searching scary medical conditions. I then got hypochondria, which I'm dealing with right now. Hypochondria is one of the most severe forms of anxiety, and so that's how I know you're absolutely fine. If I can survive this, and so can thousands of others, you can survive GAD as well. Just don't go off and make it worse please, I regret doing so to this day.

Yessss you totally understand me! I do get that butterfly feeling and impending doom Thoughts! It’s crazy! I suffer from PTSD and panic disorder and it’s rough. But I’m sorry your going through hypochondria, it sucks and unfair for us to be going through such brutal times.. but your right I should Enjoy my life and my pregnancy! Thank you so much for your Advice ❤️❤️

Also, a very good tip i learned that works amazingly against Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Evertime you get that butterfly type feeling due to anxiety, think of a powerful moment that makes you super happy. Once that happens, you trick your mind into thinking that butterfly type feeling is a result of you being happy over a memory. In general, GAD scares people because they don't understand why they're scared. If you give it a reason as to why you feel the way you do, you start to beat the cycle. Best of wishes, and keep yourself calm and healthy. Please don't ruin your health over this state.


Do you take any kind of magnesium supplements ?. If not you should. The demand for magnesium gets much higher when women are pregnant. The symptoms of deficiency are anxiety, skipped heart beats, racing thoughts, palpations etc. If you don't do it already then I would go and buy a transdermal magnesium oil. Spray it on your arm and rub it in, it will help you alot and baby too. There are plenty of articles on the subject online, check it out, plus you can get the spray from health food shops like Holland and Barrett in the UK if that is where you are. Not sure about the US sorry.

Yes the US does have lots of Health food stores and essential oils Stores as well 😁 I’m definitely going to try Magnesium ! Thank you so much

Have you tried the deep breathing technique that releases tranquilising hormones into your system: breathe in slowly whilst slowly counting to 5 then hold it for 5 seconds then breathe out slowly for 5 seconds.

You gave up the Xanax for the sake of your unborn child, you are a great mother even before your baby is born.

Thank you :) it’s not easy But I’m trying to be strong For the both of us. Xanax isn’t going anywhere. In the meantime I just have to wait this out and Have a healthy baby 😊

Well in the meanwhile can you ask your doctor if theres anything natural you can try theres honeopathic meds like nerve tonic but he needs to okay the ingredients it wont hurt to ask?

When you feel the panic have you tried and this is alot to ask to sit and wait the 20 or so min it takes for it to pass?

Can you get a hold of a very inexpensive book help for your nerves by claire weeks its done wonders she talks you through the anxiety attacks.

Ill pray you find a remedy so you and your precious baby calm down.

God bless you

Thank you ❤️ I’ll definitely look into Claire weeks books! I heard it does do wonders! I just never had the time to look into it but now I do hehe. Thank goodness I’m doing better today! I had such a bad panic attack last night but I got through it!

Can you drink chamomile tea while pregnant? It’s very good for panic disorder and anxiety. Check with your Dr. Also try meditating, and breathing exercises. Good luck. Samson

Thank you , I think chamomile tea is good while pregnant but I’ll check with my Dr. before I take it

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