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Just feel like giving up


Im sick of fighting, sick of worrying, sick of the actual heart issue i have and not knowing. Just ready to be done.

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Don’t give it 🤗 I’m sorry your worried and struggling over there. Pleas keep fighting

I’ve felt like that so many times but think how many times you’ve fought and won already. Even the small achievements of everyday. Keep going, no one knows what tomorrow holds x

I know exactly how u feel, I wish I could just disappear, all this pain is not worth it!

aye I feel like that to, but you keep going pal, we’re aw behind you and here to help

lorianxiety in reply to Horses23

Horses,are u Scottish by any chance,i am too and feel like giving up ,my lifes been wasted too long dwelling on negativity and not being a part of anything ,just thought id say since you seem like a strong character?Anxiety,has overwhelmed me this year,,cant take anymore.!

Horses23 in reply to lorianxiety

Aye I’m Scottish lorianxiety, negativity disnae help you, Have you tried Dr Weeks books and tapes, they were a great help for me, now I take cbd oil in my opinion works for me, but you don’t give up pal never, you,l get there xx

lorianxiety in reply to Horses23

thanks ,its hard and the diazepam helps ,but having to watch as im supposed to be off them ,though was given some very relieved---yes,im turning to the magical drC,Weekes-her books by my bedside .thanks for your reply,hope you have a brae xmas!

Same here...over the whole thing heaps of times but im still here..it's the way it goes...we move forward and keep trying..we never ever give up...

As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous, don't give up 5 minutes before the miracle. When I came back from Iraq I started to have low-level anxiety Then I started having chest pains and palpatations for about 3 years. Then it turned into major anxiety becasue I didn't seek help. I was foolisly just being macho.

I'm a natural worrier and always have been. It actually served me very well in Iraq because it made me very vigilant and ready to fight.

But of course it has its downsides as well. Prolonged anxiety causes physical changes in your body like cortisol and adrenaline which will have a physical effect on your body and the nurotransmitters in your brain.

I would strongly recommend you try to get on the correct medication. I know the VA does not prescribe benzodiazepines because they are very addicting and very difficult to withdraw from however, you may have to go to a private psychiatris and get on some small doses while taking an antidepressant like Prozac. As my private psychiatrist says, I needed to break the fear cycle and give my nerves the space to heal. I am on 20mg of prozac and 2 mg of klonopin a day. It saved my life. I can't believe I ever thought about suicide.

But don't depend just on the medicine. As a natural worrier you really need to change your thought patterns and I've worked really hard on that. Good thoughts, good words and good deeds!

As for me personally, I had to make my peace with God. As Believers we should be free from all anxiety because no matter what happens to us it's a win-win situation. If I die I'm in heaven with a merciful and forgiving God for eternity. If I'm allowed to live a few more years then I count my blessings. But from here on, make your blessings count!

Praying for you Armyguy.

I am sorry that you are struggling. Sometimes it seems that you can't dig out of the pit you feel you are in. But there is hope. The anxiety and fear you bare, you don't have to. It wears on your body and your heart. I am glad you reached out for support and encouragement. Is there anyone close to you that you can share your feelings? A family member? Your physician? Your pastor? Find someone to share your feelings with who can help you with your anxiety. Meditating on the Word of God and prayer calm our spirit and confirm to us how important we are. Praying for you to feel comfort soon.

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