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Giving up wrk??

Anyone here had to give up work?? Due to anxiety ? After 10 years of struggle, dreading my shift, been physically ill because I can't cope at work I'm considering it, my job has changed in the last 4 years and now have to loan work and sleep in shifts at Christmas my nerves got worse and worse and although having this illness for 15 years I'm worse than ever at the moment, it took it's toll in May and I'm off sick I can't ever imagine going back but how on earth do I cope on benefits? I have a daughter, I also have lupus which can make me feel very ill and has madee very ill at times

Advice and thoughts please

Thank u xxxxx

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Hey :)

Thanks for posting. I can understand your situation. I've just gone back into work after a year and already I'm met with similar signs. My anxiety has been awful since a week ago. Before that, and I was happy, relaxed, fine, positive. My mother has a brain tumour, and my grandmother has dementia. I'm working in care for the third time, and it hit me recently that I'm handling too much for my mental well being. Of course, my happiness has dropped, and I'm feeling down and down. I'm handing in my notice and finding another sort of job where it won't always be on my mind 24/7.

Anxiety is tough. It goes and then comes back. Have you spoken to a doctor about this? Perhaps they can help you with the stress. And have you spoken to work about it? Being in a job that is making you feel like this will never help you. You need to look after yourself first. If it means getting a new part time job, and help from doctors, small and slow steps will eventually get you back to your healthy state. No one has to live life like this, there's always help :)


Thanks for the reply, I work with vunerable adults, ironic as I feel vunerable!! Back to drs wed going to ask to try meds again xxx fed up


We're in the same boat, my friend. From how I'm feeling, I'm taking a break from the care sector. It's not good on my health or my mind, and I don't want this horrible mood I've had go on for years, let alone another week. What are your thoughts about working in a job that does not revolve around care work until you're feeling better?


It's very hard to leave one job and get another, I can hardly leave the house at the moment so any job would freak me out I dnt even feel able to babysit my one year old niece if I'm alone in the house I'm scared that il collapse or die when she's in my care and who would look after her?? What if the dog bites her or she eats something she shouldn't ??

I am unfit to work at the moment x


Go to doctor, take meds, have some time off...then make decision....xx best wishes


Your a mind reader stde that's what I'm going to do xx


Been there, had to take a step down from management back to hands on Engineer, then after a few years took promotion at my pace.

Hard thing to do, but let go my ego and found a better life....

Best wishes....

Suffering can be part of life, and a godsend if we learn from it..x


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