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health anxiety and fear of things going badly

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the issues that i had on my first uh post have faded however i now have other issues. mainly acid reflux and a problem swallowing air which leads to it being trapped in my throat. whenever my body acts up i try to tell myself that it's only the reflux and air but i can't help but have obsessive thoughts telling me i'm going to die. the night before last or some time around then i was sure i was in the middle of a heart attack. thankfully, i was able to speak with my best bud the whole time and calm down after some hours. how does everyone else deal with that? simply telling myself i won't die or that it's a smaller issue doesn't help very much and i become anxious regardless which quickens my heart rate and worsens the thoughts.

a few things have lifted my spirits recently and i've been making an effort to be happier but i have a fear that things will go wrong. it's very nagging and i wish it'd stop. i'm really doing my best here but brains don't seem to listen to you, do they?

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bitanoken - has your GP tested for folateand or B12 deficiency?

acid reflux can be a symptom of low stomach acidity as well as high stomach acidity, wgich is a common consequence of conditions that lead to B12 deficiency. The symptoms of B12 deficiency are wide ranging but tend to come on very slowly - years or even longer. folate deficiency comes on more quickly,

symptoms here


and this forum may be of use if your symptoms fit - though they also can be caused by other conditions

This post may give you some ideas on how to handle the anxiety

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howdy, i don't have a GP or any real access to health care at the moment (hoping to soon) but a decent amount of those symptoms sound like me. now that i think of it, i was taking b-complex shots last year for some trouble i was having and eventually stopped once everything seemed to be in the clear. i guess things aren't as 'in the clear' as i had thought. thank you very much for linking! have you had any experience with the deficiency?

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suggest you look at my profile.

A B12 absorption problem is a gut problem and basically wipes out your ability to absorb B12 from your diet so you need to find another way of getting it. If you can get another set of shots then I suggest that you do that and then try taking high dose B12 tablets - which can work as a way of maintaining levels for some people but don't work for everyone.

Please take a look at the PASOC forum linked above.

I have GERD and i get this completely! Youre not alone at all! I rushed to the E.R. a few times over that same feeling, pressure in your chest, feeling like you can't take a deep breath, feeling like you're doomed and dealing with should i rush to the E.R. or not? Then when you go and they say you're clear, you're embarassed about going in. I been there, i get you. I will say i was on a PPI Omeperzol and it helped alot. I watch my diet now but know youre not alone. Its a damn if you do a damn if you dont scenario, but i will say the more times you can sit through episodes and try and control the anxiety the better off you are over time and its not easy but you gotta trust me there. I usually tell my self, well im not dead yet and if it was a heart attack i wouldnt be here in pain.... You have to change your thinking up, anxious minds like to fill in the blanks with things that are not true.

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thanks a ton, i'm trying to be more positive. guess i just have to keep going. very good luck to you

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