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Hello, does anyone else heee suffer from bad health anxiety? What are your stories? What have you misdiagnosed yourself with? I think it helps to share thoughts. Some of mine have been..

Heart attack - sore chest from tensing

Cancer- sore arms from tensing

Heart arrtthima - palpitations from anxiety

I one had a meltdown because I my pulse was up by like 5 bpm

More recently it's dvt - sore legs/ muscles from using clutch when driving (I hope ahh)

What are ways you guys deal with things, how do you now blow things out of proportion


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  • Oh I'm a terrible surfer 😂 Fast heart rate I'm dying slow heart rate I'm dying. Shortness off breath I have heart failure or this is the best I hardly get shortness off breath now so my lungs are definitely dying 🙄 Had a ecg done 5 days ago and everything was normal x

  • Oh wow...this could be a long list...let's see...

    So when my anxiety first started last June, I thought I was having a heart attack.

    Then a month later, I was convinced that the same was happening again.

    Made an appointment with my GP and she diagnosed me with anxiety.

    Since then I have been convinced at some point or another that I've had the following:

    *blood clot in my leg

    *a hole in my lung


    *liver disease

    *pancreatic cancer

    *ovarian cancer


    *colon cancer

    *faulty gallbladder

    I am sure there are others that I am forgetting. Seems like I have a new one each week.

    See I get symptoms and I google them immediately. And instead of looking rationally at ALL of the possible causes, I jump straight to "worst case scenario" and convince myself that I am dying. I KNOW I should stay off google but I can't help it.

  • Haha I'm the same!! The list is endless. It's hard trying to convince yourself a pulled muscle is ajust a pulled muscle, or a heartbeat is just a palpitation! It's funny when you look back. I think the thing that gets me is when people telling you to chill out or something, they don't understand that when it's happening you believe it

  • EXACTLY! They don't get it. My family is pretty supportive but some of my friends are all..."what do you have to be anxious about"...they don't understand. :(

  • I can't relate to that!

  • I had ovarian cancer, pancreatic, and stomach so far! However what scares me is the stomach cancer can not be seen on a CT scan!

  • Thats how I understand pancreatic cancer to be too. Its hard to detect.

  • It is but I had a CT Scan and there are signs! So yellowing of the eyes, white stool/clay stool, loss of weight, lethargic! If you are worried have you asked for an Amylase test or a lipase test. Also a CT scan

  • Very true. And I don't exhibit any of those signs. Thank goodness!!!!

  • I thought the same thing I still do. I have cramping in my back and go oh no! But every doctor I talk to tells me the CT is very good!

    But it is hard to believe

  • The CT scan I got was pelvic and abdomen with contrast!

  • Omg you sound exactly like me i try my best not to google stuff bc i know the outcome is cancer or something of that nature

  • I began to suffer from Health Anxiety a little over a month ago. It started with stomach cramping. I had a vaginal ultra sound, blood work, and a CT Scan with contrast! Everything so far is normal.

    She put me on medicine for it. I am still going to a GI doctor and a urologist in 2 weeks to cover all bases!

  • I hope you've got all day...

    The following are self diagnoses over the last 22 months of this living hell. Bear in mind I am in my mid-30's:

    Bowel cancer (turned out to be diverticulitis). (This is the one which started all this anxiety, albeit I've always been a worrier.)

    Rectal cancer

    Prostate cancer

    Bladder cancer

    Brain tumor

    Bone cancer

    Stomach cancer



    Pancreatic cancer

    Liver cancer

    Kidney cancer

    Plus various other self-diagnosed killers.

    Latelybmy symptoms are:

    Back pain which comes and goes but generally in the same place (lower left side).

    Frequent urination including having to get up in the night once (which I never used to have to do).

    Horrible lightheaded/dizzy/spaced out spells which can last between few minutes and almost all day.

    Various pains in stomach and a feeling of pressure under left ribs.


    Dog tiredness.

    Inability to sleep long enough.

    Recurrent ache in left collarbone/shoulder area. A bit like toothache.

    I've about had enough of this. It's every single day and it's horrendous.

  • I'm 25 years old and at a good place in my career. A few months ago I was working on research looking at Multiple Sclerosis....

    Baring in mind that this was a particularly stressful time for me, with deadlines back to back, I started experiencing the following symptoms:

    Tingling in limbs

    Aches and pains random locations

    Buzzing sensation

    Involuntary eye movements

    Constant Lightheadedness

    Muscle twitches EVERYWHERE and every other hour

    As you can probably imagine, I was convinced that I had MS. I told the GP my symptoms who referred me to a neurologist. I underwent a physical examination and an MRI both were thankfully entirely normal. Plus the neurologist noticed I was on edge and that my body language was telling him that they symptoms were caused by stress.

    A few months down the line I am still half convinced (I know it's sounds stupid) that I don't have something wrong. I feel like they may have missed something. I know that sounds really stupid.

    How am I coping? CBT and mindfulness. Whenever I get a negative thought about having a serious illness I try to challenge I make a list of 'evidence' for why I'd have it and why I wouldn't.

    Sorry for the long post, this is my first time posting and I got a little over excited!

  • This is a good one LOL

    In my Head I had

    Breast cancer (which turned out to be a benign tumor)

    Colon cancer

    Stomach cancer



    Ovarian cancer

    Restless leg syndrome (possible)

    Throat cancer

    Bipolar disorder

    Brain tumor


    Kidney disease

    And the list goes on... and on... and on

    Oh yea and I'm still trying to shake the thought that I've possibly been cursed by someone. My family actually brought it up to me and now it's stuck in my head 😁

  • sad is this that we have these lists?

    I have had 2 Ct scans, 2 colonoscopies, 2 abdominal x rays, breast ultrasound, endoscopy, etc. and almost every's stress or anxiety related and once I come to terms with that, it passes.

    I am currently dealing with rectal and vaginal pressure making me SURE I have a tumor somewhere despite having a clear ct scan 9 months ago. That it my pelvic floor muscles are collapsing and my organs are falling. How ridiculous. Going to see my dr today to discuss it. Thankfully they don't blow me off and order the tests they normally would regardless of my anxiety. It's a blessing and a curse because I don't have insurance, so I have to pay out of pocket. If I avoid the ER it's doable, but I have to keep myself calm and patient and not rush to the ER (knowing if I go there they'll do all the tests).

    I have made it my goal today to stay off medical googling and to be focused on what's needing to be done at my home rather than what's going on with me physically. It's a daily choice to choose faith in what I can't see rather than fellowshippin with fear.

  • Absolutely MommaTom4, stay off medical googling today and everyday. It leads to nothing more than increased anxiety. You are more than well taken care of by your doctor. As my doctor once told me, theoretically put all my health worries and concerns in a basket and hand it over to him. I walked out of his office feeling the weight off my shoulders for the first time. Good Luck with your appointment today, hope all goes well. x

  • Brain amoeba from taking a simple shower the anxiety just came suddenly after the shower idk if I even got water up my nose or not! Currently crying and panicking I also googled its conflicting some information says it has happened the shower others say that it doesn't

    I'm freaking out


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