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Always tuned in

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Whether you're ok at times or having a bad phase. Who else finds that their mind is always tuned in to anxiety? I'm mean literally all the time. I find myself talking to myself about it and if not I'm literally always thinking about it unless I'm momentarily distracted.

It's weird isn't it? It's just so odd that we can't change the station. I wonder why that is? The deeper psychological reason. This is just ridiculous at times.

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You tell me man. Sometimes I think I’m doing great and then I’ll jump at something totally dumb. The anxiety is always on.

I can relate. Sometimes I feel trapped by the thoughts, and trying to change them are not the easiest thing to do for me.

I am right there with you. It may be that there is something major in our lives that we need to change. Easier said than done.

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Beevee in reply to teemo1

The only thing that needs to change is your attitude towards the symptoms. Instead of fighting it, all day, every day learn to be ok about not feeling ok. Resistance is futile so just go with it and observe what is happening.

It becomes the default mindset, where most people have a relaxed state as default and only feel like anxiety sufferers when there is an actual threat. It's training. Training yourself to not "go there". It can be done. Gets easier every day.

Don't try to change the station. You wont be able to change the station. Just have it on but dont pay too much attention to the inane drivel. Like an annoying DJ who talks too much nonsense. You know he's there, he's loud, he's brash but you just carry on about your business, no matter how annoying he sounds. In time, that station will fade out and you will find that you can tune in to other more interesting stations.

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