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Hi my name is Cris ,ive been dealing with health anxiety for three years now. Just when i think i'm under control it comes back sneaking up on me. I try to reasure my self that the aches and pains are part of the anxiety and not a terrible sickness or heart problems(which I'm always thinking) but trying to convincing is the hardest part .I hope sharing my fears help me understand that it's not only me that goes through this.


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  • I'm right there with you. Health Anxiety is a trip really. I find it sad that I can't trust my body anymore because it's always during off wrong signals that something's wrong.

    Once you have had bad health anxiety for an extended period of time I believe it's a challenge to break the cycle. Your body is wrecked from all the extra chemicals it's oumoing and it just shuts down in some ways . then the anxious mind becomes oversensitive and whammo...the cycle begins again.

    I have bad days and good days. As most on here know, my Fear is focused on ALS for some reason. I'm making progress, but I have my low points hit when I start thinking about why my arm hurts. Or if a gallon if milk should feel that heavy to me. Should my muscles shake every now and then?

    I feel your struggle. Hang in there!

  • Thanks you for your responce .My muscles shake and twitch from time to time too. Dr says its the stress and tense muscles. Today was my left arm pain and soreness. i just cant believe how my mind can have such an effect on me. I even get embarresed asking my dr. Is everything related to anxiety. Darn.. But hoping for a better day tommorow

  • It's not only you Cris.. Im feeling the same.. Whenever i think im okay then anxiety catch up on me.. And it depressing.. When i go to toilet i will be like am i having diabetes.. And things like that

  • You are not alone!! I now exactly what you are going through...and how is that possible you might think...I have said it before and will say it again. In order to get better you have to embrace the dreadfull rabbit hole...the fear that is. The physical symptoms are way beyond scary and will repeat themselves when your brain dwells on that fear. It is controllable? Yes with knowledge and counciling and even some medicin things will get better. Its all about changing perspective of see the rabbit hole is actually the reality also known as life. You will have to accept that you will never be the same as before only a new you. Its all about acceptance that is the hardest part. Always do it your way not what other people expecst from you. There is no one to compete against other than yourself. It will take time I am in my 3 year also but getting way better..can I so could you. Take care!

  • Hi im only 3 months into my anxiety and depression. I had a breakdown 3 months ago due to stress at work and a multitude of other things.

    I get palpatations specially in the morning and have panick attacks.

    My shouuders and arms jump and i think everyone can see it happening. It is scaring me but the dic told me its all part of the anxiety and she has increased my anxiety meds.

    All i want to do is feel normal again and get back to work. I was the most confident and outgoing person before i just feel all that has gone and i will never be the same. I go to various meetings fir cbt and mind groups. I am down with mental health and have a councillor and a care plan.

    I know i have a lot of issues from when i was three years old. It all just came to a head as i had too much to cope with. My breakdiwn stopped me in my tracks which i now see was a good thing. It was a way of stopping me and for me to re evaluate my life change it and get better which i am doing. Its a cruel way of letting me know i need to change things but i have and im moving on.

    Take care everyone. We can do this we are stronger than our minds are telling us. Fight your mind dont run xxx

  • im the same as you... i was outgoing and happy go lucky and extrovert person but my anxiety makes me scared of almost everything an put me in terrible place...same as u i have my past that turns me to who i am now... im okay now but its just panic attact and anxiety will strikes again soon.. :-(

  • Hi cris, im the same had a really good couple of days them bam dizzy feeling, afraid im going to faint and like my heads full of pressure. Tingling sendation on my scalp, shaking, sick feeling but mainly my head or behind my eyes or my sinus areas and I feel like Ive a tumour or something even though I've had eyes looked been to the doctor blood work etc. I haven't gone for an mri but I'm thinking I'll need to to put my mind at ease. I swear I hate this feeling I keep positive most days but I hate when it creeps up on me. It really scares me the way it makes me feel.I will get through this as I no you will and everyone else here. It's great we are here to help each other out. You are not alone

  • I always think im having heart prob. I searched all the symptoms of heart disease on google. Its just the wirst feeling to think that u r sick wen u know that u r inventing things. I've been through all this.

  • When I was in my early days, I felt similar, the meds didn't seem to help, the counseling didn't either I was shaky and dreading everything. I came across a guy who I can say changed my life. He explained to me, that I didn't have the energy to get well - wow what a shock that was! The CBT was simply draining me more that it was helping. And it was no surprise to him. He explained that we have only a certain mount of energy, it was split into three, the core energy, the battery pack and the back up. I was also told about the mind body connection and how that worked. It made so much sense to me. So hang in there. Be hopeful, for you, me, and we will get through it. It might take a bit of time, and patience and learning new ways of thinking, but we all will get through it one day. Peace!

  • Hi Cris. Oh gosh no you aren't alone in those thoughts. I too go through the same things and thoughts. I wanted to share an online course I am doing that had helped me in the past. Its called the Calm Clinic. It does cost money $79.00 dollars but you get to try it for a week free first to see if you like it. It has helped me out a lot. I don't know what you have tired but this is a good one.

  • I work with an anxiety program from Healthy Audio Ltd I had to pay for it but I feel I have my moneys worth. Thanks Tmconn for info.

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