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Blah days

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Today I’m overwhelmed from dealing with anxiety and panic attacks everyday. I’m not sure how i feel just blah. It’s not like me I don’t want to do anything but lay in bed. I have a 2 year old so not happening. But I’m thinking that’s good. I’m constantly obsessed with the physical symptoms I feel, trying to figure out what’s causing them or is it all in my mind.. I wake up thinking about them and spend all day dwelling. I’ve had panic attacks for almost 2 weeks straight now and I’m tired. I know I want to live just not like this... anyone else for blah days?

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hi,sorry to hear your panic attacks are getting you down are you on any type of medication,you need to try and keep your strength going and the only thing I can suggest is reading DrClaire Weeks bk--im in the uk ,but she is online though shes been gone for sometime now bought one of her bksself help for your nerves,that was almost 50yrs ago .do try and listen to her …….hoping you will be fine to deal with your 2year old-let us know...

So sorry to hear how you are struggling with this. Like you said, no time to deal with it though if you have a 2 y/o. Is this a new experience for you or have you been struggling with anxiety/panic attacks for a length of time? Have you sought or are you receiving any medical treatment related to this?

just thought I would check back to see how you are doing?

Hi thank you! Sorry we just were Away on vacation.. I’m ok pretty much the same I have been in therapy for 5 months I am going to be starting an SSRI tonight.. not exactly excited about it but something has to be better then this

how are you feeling about the SSRI at this point?

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