What's the matter with me?

Hi, I'm a girl and I constantly worry. If there's a place I need to go and I don't know how to get there or anything, I'll worry persistently. I worry and worry about the certain thing and won't stop worrying until the moment happens. I worry about the future like like if I'm gonna be able to have kids and I constantly worry about it, sometimes I can't sleep because I just worry. I also suffer from bad ears and go dizzy sometimes. What's the matter with me??

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  • I think maybe anxiety. I know I'm a worry wart too lol I hate it . I think when you worry like that , you could set aside some moments for you to relax. It could definitely get you calm

  • Sometimes I cry but it just doesn't help until I solve it

  • Maybe get checked out for vertigo etc. Not a nice thing it comes and goes and more so if you worry and think about it it will make you worse

  • Thankyou so much for helping

  • Here to talj

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