Birth Control Pills

I Am going on birth cobtrol pills to regulate hormones. I do not do anything else: i am sixteen but not interested in....THAT....I have never even dated a guy and do not want a relationship right now because I know it is not the right time for me. I wont go there with anyone until married.

My question is that have the pills helped anyone else? I think they would help.


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6 Replies

  • It helped me, back when I was 16-19

    I had my period regulate and PMS improve. Before bc I would get severe cramping, I would take 800mg ibuprofen and that only took the edge off :(

    Everyone is different

    I had a friend with severe acne and once on bc it cleared up.

    Another one just like you with the stomach problems helped her out too.

  • Awesome thanks

  • It helped my period symptoms and anxItty at first but the pill actually makes my anxiety worse around my time of the monththe last few years. Can go either way good luck!

  • Well said, just because you are on the pill does not mean you need to sleep around. The best thing to do is not tell your school chums as this medication can be used for many more conditions other than sex


  • If someone asks, I just tell them I use them to regulate hormones, as they are out of whack at the moment. :)

  • Good Luck

    Hope you have a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year


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