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Sleep paralysis

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It's annoying when it happens. I get it through sleeping on my back, once per month if I sleep on my back, which is why I sleep on my side, which causes me to fet neck aches.

With the one I had last night, I had a pins and needles over my head and back, today my head back and shoulders feels tingly. As usual I feel tired, anxious for no reason and quite down.

Has anyone here got it? Or know if it's possible to rid of it?

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I've only had sleep paralysis once and it terrified me. I was half asleep and I couldn't move a muscle. I thought I was drugged and about to be kidnapped (one of my semi irrational fears). Luckily after a little while longer I fell back into nightmares but didn't think I was being kidnapped. As for your sleeping situation I suggest you try memory foam pillows to help your neck. My Pillows are also good too. Hope this helps 😊

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