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I spoke to my doctor again on Wednesday and she,like the other 3 doctors and a hospital doctor tell me the same thing.

That my all day long lightheadedness,palpitations,surges etc are all anxiety and that they won't give me the tests I want because nothing will be found.

I just don't believe them.i want to but I just don' I mad?I want to shake myself but I just cannot believe what they say.why is this?I honestly think that if I could accept this as being severe anxiety that I could start to take steps to get better but I just cannot! Why is this step so so difficult?

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Hi Minnie!

With several visits to docs I assume they have checked the basics - basic chemistries, CBC, Thyroid. Maybe an EKG. That, plus a good intake of your symptoms, is usually all that is needed to crack the mystery of what's going on with you. More tests tend to prolong the anxiety as you wait for results, answers, hoping there's something to blame all of this on but at the same time fearing what it may be. The sooner people move on to acceptance that this is anxiety, the better. But oh, so hard!! I saw that you are reading Claire Weekes, which is fabulous. I recommend her Enlightenment audio even more than the book (I'm more of an audio person, and her voice is just so soothing and authoritative all at the same time). That video is on my profile, along with some other amazing resources that all approach Anxiety and all it's manifestations the same way. Which I personally believe is the most effective and permanent way to recovery- and you've named it in your post title: ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance is an approach, a development of an attitude, a new way of thinking and a new set of beliefs. This takes TIME, so do give yourself lots of time and patience while you learn some new ways to approach things. It is absolutely the way to feeling good again, I have no doubt. Have a listen to her audio- I think it will really speak to you :)

One more thing I'll mention as a tangent but it is related. Both my daughter and I love, love love a particular musician, who has anxiety himself: Logic. He is a rapper, and some of his songs might be offensive to some (some 4-letter words), but on his album "Everybody" he has several songs that describe in detail his own experience with anxiety. The song Anziety (with a "z") being the best-known. He also gives interviews where he talks in depth about his experiences and his slow but sure recovery. His language leads me to believe he has listened/read Claire Weekes. I mention him and this song because in "Anziety" he uses almost the same words you use in your post:

And soon enough I found myself in a hospital bed

Being told what I went through was anxiety

I refused to believe this story

I searched and searched for the cause of what had happened to me

I began to feel detached from reality

I felt as though I was seeing the world through a glass

I got blood work done

Analysis of my mind and body to no avail

The doctor said it was anxiety

But how could it be anxiety?

How could anxiety make me physically feel off balance?

How could anxiety make me feel as though I was fading from this world

And on the brink of death?

His story gets better from there:) as it does for so many, and as it will for you :)

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Bluebaja in reply to Calm_mama

Many years ago I went through something very similar. Seeing several doctors, self diagnosing myself with various illnesses, etc. Finally, my anxiety and panic attacks devolved into a deep depression. I actually stopped eating and didn’t sleep for 3 or 4 days. One Doctor told me to have a Corona and chill. One Doctor told me that, “well nobody has died from lack of sleep”. Finally, a caring and thoughtful GP told me to see a Psychiatrist. Things were so bad and with thoughts of suicide I saw a Psych. From that day and with a combination of CBT, group therapy and medication my life slowly came back from the brink. It wasn’t a straight line to wellness. Even many years later I have bought of anxiety and touches of depression.

From what you describe I hear anxiety. You may be the exception and it really is a physical cause but I would doubt it.

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Minnie87 in reply to Calm_mama

Oh my gosh thank you for such an amazing reply!I really appreciate that!

I have had thyroid checks and ecgs and blood pressure etc.ive had anxiety on and off for years but never this bad.

Im going to listen to that song now!it sounds right up my street and nothing more real than someone who has been through it.

And Claire weekes is fantastic isn't she.she was so before her time.i really need to get her audio books too.

Thank you for such great advice.honestly it's really helped me and I will read that when I'm feeling really bad 😁 x

Hi believe the doctors when they tell you its anxiety part of having anxiety is the fear you have something seriously wrong with you ! But you don't its the anxiety causing all the symptoms I have had anxiety off and on for nearly 50 years and I'm still here.anxiety can make you feel really unwell but you can get better just accept the symptoms as best you can.

Hi Minnie 87 when my anxiety is really bad I do take medication I take diazepam 2 mg this really calms down my anxiety and I have taken this off and on for doctor told me to take it for several days when I'm feeling really anxious as this calms the whole body down.maybe ask doctor if this could help you on your bad days ? But only take it when you really have to .I do this and this medication really does work .

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I found it almost impossible to accept what I was experiencing was anxiety, scary. Stuff

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Did you start your meds

No I haven't.pathetic I just too frightened.its totally illogical.

I'd rather live with awful symptoms 24/7 than take a pill.

How are you doing?

It's because you have anxiety! You doubt everything until you get your head aroubd the fact that you are doing this to yourself by fearing the symptoms. In effect, you are fearing the feelings of fear which generates more fear, more fearful symptoms and more fear. And on it goes.

Acceptance of all the symptoms and not doing anything to get rid of them breaks that cycle. Takes time to develop this attitude but very effective at overcoming anxiety and very rewarding to know that you have the power. Then again, you've had it all along.

I’ve been struggling with acceptance for a decade and my symptoms persist 24/7. Every time I think I’ll just accept health anxiety as the cause, a new symptom will come along. I gave up on the forums a couple of years ago in an attempt to accept it and for a while I feel like I was leveling out(not improving),but again a month ago or so new symptoms crop up. I’ve done the meds thing, but have been off of them now for 4 years. I exercise a ton and have learned to just fight through it. I’ll feel better for about 30 minutes to an hour after exercise, but it is always short lived. I am an executive with a high profile job, so I conceal everything and to most people we probably look normal and our lives maybe even envious, but on the inside we’re a disaster. Our thoughts 24/7 dominated by how we feel. Wish you the best.

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