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Relation ship anxiety


So i come to the conclusion that to be in a relationship is imposibile if you suffer from anxiety partner does not understand it i don't blame her why can't i be normal and not stress over every little thing and just enjoy my time with my lady instead of smothering her which will cause her to leave me if i don't change my ways its hard i wish i could just let her be and stay happy miss her etc anxiety intenseify my feelings times 100 i need help

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I am sorry you are feeling this way....however, I will strongly disagree with your conclusion. It is absolutely possible to be in a relationship when one of the partners suffer from anxiety. I am the living example of it. I’ve been having anxiety for years now and I worry about little things as well. I can go for a walk with my partner and end up having a severe anxiety attack just because...for no bloody reason. Or, we go on a date and I get so excited that I end up having anxiety. He understands because I explain to him why I am feeling like this and that I am trying my very best to control it. But in order to keep him sane, I try to talk about it less and I get help from a therapist. So, in my opinion, it depends on a person you are with and on how a person deals with his/her mental condition.

Again, I’m sorry you feel this way...problems in relationships always make anxiety worse (at least in my life). Hope you find a solution with your partner and good luck x

lourocks in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your encouragement i do hope my lady understands but i need to work on myself and be ok with not hearing from her every second we both work and are tired we live separately

lourocks, Anxiety is a powerful emotion that others cannot understand. It's not their fault, unless they have experienced the terror, the ongoing fear and emotional pain.

I use to think, how could a thought cause so much havoc in my life. A thought powerful enough to bring on physical symptoms. I wish you strength in finding methods that can help you go forward and enjoy the life you so deserve. You aren't alone lourocks.

lourocks in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much for your kind and understanding words

Stop worrying so much about it and her. That's the problem you are worrying about it all way to much. Relax and just try and enjoy each others company be it in a close relationship or just a friendship. Getting worked up can push people away

You are so right thank you. She tells me all the time to enjoy stop worrying

Iam anxious and as a women I can understand as Iam a worrier and although my reasons are different to yours from separating from my ex-husband feel like the single lifestyle when it comes to dating can be really hardgoing almost like going for a job.

I am sorry you are going through this, however your conclusion is incorrect, I suffer from it and have been married 34 years. It hasn't been easy. She is an angel, God picked the perfect mate for me. Anxiety is manageable but it takes work, and help. I found a great book by Max Lucado "anxious for nothing" that helped me quite a bit. You also need someone to talk to, here is a number for a great organization that can offer free counseling advise, and can refer you to professionals in your area. FOTF Counseling Line 1-855-382-5433 and her some information and resources about anxiety for you , and of course for me the peace of my relationship with Jesus. Prayers my friend.

lourocks in reply to Jimdubu

Thank you my freind for your kind words i hope i find my angel to

Jimdubu in reply to lourocks

You will, when you least expect it.

Totally understand! I've found help through daily bible reading, counseling, and mentoring. Have you considered any of these?

I started reading the bible and learning to just breath. Not easy but im still alive thank God

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