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I just want to spread a little bit of hope. I have an associate. She lost her 10 yr old daughter maybe 3 yrs ago and then suffered anxiety and depression. She is now anxiety free after being prescribed xanax but not taking it after trying it for a week. She changed her diet and exercises daily for an hour. Also she found a job that she likes. She told me today that she hasn't had a trace of anxiety just by keeping busy and exercising. Also, she said at first it was hard, she would break down and just be fearful for the first year.

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  • Who knows. I would be pushed over the edge and want to die if something happened to my son.

    So if someone with anxiety and depression already had that happen to them, I have no clue how they would ever be able to survive that.

    I would probably just lose it.

  • I know. I felt so horrible for her when she was going through it. I tried to comfort her. I don't have Children but I can't imagine the pain. But she is well now, and helping me through my situation now.

  • Bless your friend, I cannot imagine her grief and what she has been through. I do think proper eating habits help one's health. Exercise is a boost too. I'm afraid I don't do either but hope after seeing a naturopath the end of April, I will improve food wise.....exercise wise...never.....not at my age. I have been on Xanax now for almost 3 weeks. I've heard from numerous people it helped them but so far nothing here. It is of the Ativan family.....now when in a VERY bad way an Ativan does seem to help me. I do not abuse them, and only take as "a last resort". I am so happy for your friend.....there is hope...now let it come for all of us!

  • Yes indeed. My Mom used to take a low dose of xanax, she also tried something natural called Gabba Max at that time. Now she is off of the xanax with little to no anxiety.

  • I want to believe in hope. I took valerium for a year but it did nothing....at least it was natural. I have dealt with this for 40 yrs so maybe there is no hope.

  • Very good. It's true diet and exercise make alot of difference. I took up bodybuilding after i fell ill changed my diet and take supplements mainly magnesium. It lifted my depression, brain fog, gave me motivation and strength. I very rarely have anxiety now but i do get it sometimes just not as severe as i used too. I also never took medication.

    Terrible though for your friend to lose a child.

  • I'm Glad to hear someone else can relate! Good for You 😊. Yes it's very Sad about her Daughter.

  • Thanks, we have to help ourselves as much as possible.

    Send my congratulations to your friend.

  • Indeed we do. I joined the gym here. Now I just have to feel motivated to go. I walk on the treadmill at home, stretch here and there. Now it's time to get busy in the gym lol.

  • It is time !! It will do you wonders, don't forget to get supplements, multi minerals. Don't exhaust yourself further, up and onwards.

    Good luck, you can do it :-)

  • Thank you

  • How much magnesium do u take and what kind?

  • I take 50 mg which is very low and it keeps my anxiety and depression at bay.

    Dr's Best chelated Magnesium from Amazon.

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