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why do things look so weird?


So I have been having panic attacks a lot, and my eye sight makes things look so far away or super close. Things go in slow motion and everything looks fake. I know its real but at the same time I feel so scared. I go to the doctors but they say i need to wait to get certain tests done they say it will take a few months! Is there anything i can do in the mean time? i try to deep breath but it doesn't really work for me. tea and TV do sometimes but not all the time. PLz help!

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Anxiety plays weird tricks on the senses. I often feel like I can taste colors and when I'm in anxiety mode I see things in either muted way or in high definition almost too sharp of vision. Until the free floating chemicals dissipate the fight or flight response system stays engaged and wrecks havoc. 5htp, benzos, phenibut all help in the moment but only rest and mindfulness get you back long term.

Hi there. I am so sorry you are struggling. I want to encourage you to keep the deep breathing up even if it doesn't seem to work. My son's therapist had said that you need to do deep breathing every night at bedtime. Focus on something calming, breath in the nose slowly, hold 10 seconds and out of the mouth. Repeat this pattern until calm or you are tired of it. He said it isn't necessarily in the moment that works, but developing a pattern of calm over time. I started this with my prayer time and it helped me so much.

I too struggled, and I find focusing on my creative outlets help greatly. I will turn on my worship music and paint, or minister to others. I too have the eyes getting all funky and my tests showed, while I knew I was dealing with anxiety, my eyes themselves were having a hard time tracking movement. So I don't know what came first but the two were acting independently from each other.

I pray that you get some peace and answers quickly!

Oh! Diet plays a role in my anxiety as well, cutting back on caffeine and sugar plus a diet of no gluten or dairy and I have seen a great difference.

Best wishes!!


Thank you both so much!!

Have you ever heard of using a focal point during a panic episode? If you are able to get your eyes focused on a specific object while you do your controlled breathing, it might help to take away the added anxious thoughts about what your eyes are doing. It is a technique that is also used for overcoming intense or prolonged pain.

What kind of doctor are you trying to see for the testing for your eyes?

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