So very low

I have been in bed watching television for two days as I have nowere to go, I find it very hard to do everyday task ( well I don't do any ) I have to get up and get out so staying in for two days had made me so very bad ( in fact IV prayed to God for it to go away ) I feel so bad, I know what people will say try do this try do that, but I just have not got the motivation iid like nothing more than to do things, I'm so very negative and unable to see an end to this nightmare I'm living


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  • Please get yourself checked for bipolar/depression.

    There is a light, you jus need to get your brain functioning correctly again.

  • Ldubosque thank you for replying yes Iv got server depression server Anxitey, I can't tell you how bad I feel it's horrendous suffered really bad since January, don't know how much more I can take, I can't stand the pain.

  • Your very welcome. I hope that you feel better. And that you are checking up with a doc to get the chemical imbalance fixed. Feeling healthy is a gift most people take for granted on a daily basis. Your quality of life is important! So.. Please make the effort to fix it and don't give up!

  • Hello

    If things are not improving you really need to go back and see your Doctor , please don't struggle when they are there to help but you need to tell them just how bad you are sill feeling to get that help

    I no it can be very easy to loose motivation , I often do and everything I do I have to force myself literally at times , but just small things in one day no matter how small even if it is that you get up have a wash & get dressed you can reflect at the end of the day that you did something positive , something you can keep building on

    Try not to fight how you feel it makes things twice as hard , if you were ill with any other illness you would be kind to yourself this is no different you need to be kind to yourself & accept for now you are not feeling great but this will slowly get better , try not to think it is an overnight recovery because I wish it was but it isn't but it is one that we do improve and we can get better from , so don't give up hope

    See your Doctor :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you so very much I really appreciate your support x

  • I can understand how you feel ,I have the same problem but I am not giving up and have been meditating a lot which helps me, I , like you cannot do anything, BUT this morning I have a little hope, I am feeling a bit brighter even though the weather is horrid, I am determined to beat this and get ME back again. Try to get out of bed and maybe make a coffee, small steps....ok

  • hi their i don't know whether you know your bible but it says in the book of James 1:13 where it says: when under trial, let no one say i'm being tried by god, For with evil things god cannot be tried, nor does he himself try anyone. plus have a look on the WWW.JW.ORG WEBSITE to see why god allows suffering but doesn't cause it, i think you will be surprised. if you need anymore help you know where i am take care bigalan

  • Thank you so very much for replying it means so much, and the fact your there ( well no words can express the comfort that brings ) knowning someone is there to listen and understands, please could you explain what the verse on the bible

  • I am religious, and I see what you said. But there are certain things I don't understand! Because God sent Abraham to kill his son Issac as a test of faith. Although he did not make him go through with it, wouldn't that be a good example of trying him?

    Certain things Just seem so contradicting

  • hi there if you have read the bible do you understand what is says about the verse.

  • Which verse?

    I do agree that God allows suffering and doesn't cause it.

    Without suffering, how could we care for one another. Or be compassionate.

  • hi there Genesis 22:1-19

  • hi sandraann sometimes people blame our god Jehovah for our sufferings they say that if he their why doesn't he do something to help us. but let me put it this way at the moment god's name as been darkened by a lie that was told back in the garden of Eden the question that was came up was that we human didn't need god's help and that we can rule ourselves so that's why Adam and Eve sinned against god Jehovah and because of there sinning and before cain was born everybody that came after Adam would be imperfect instead of being perfect like Jehovah had planned that's why at Romans 5:12 says that is why just though one man (Adam) sin entered into the world and death through sin and so death spread to all men because they had all sinned. so from cain being the first born from Adam down to us today we have inherited sin like passing on a disease from one person to another but the nice thing that is stated in the bible at Roman 6:23 says for the wages sin pays is death, but the gift god gives is everlasting life by Jesus Christ our lord. if you would like to know more of the good hope for the rest of mankind or if you want to more about the sin that Adam bought us into i would be glad to help you know why we suffer so much not from god but from man. hope this help answers your question but i will be happy to answer anymore. goodnight from me speak with you later take care kind regards Alan x

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