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Used to come on here a lot but had been so much better. Anxiety is back with a vengeance.  Im away from home, always difficult for me and then had serious anxity attack earlier. Am trying to relax, had a diazepam that had no affect at all! Could just do with some comfort from other sufferers. I sit here thinking what next? What if it gets worse? Who will help me? Even though ive had this for 30 plus years it never gets easier. Each time i feel like im going to go mad. Or die. Or both. Thanks for listening if theres anyone out there


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  • Maybe it's the initial shock from being away from home and you'll feel better in the morning?

  • I hope so. Thank you xx

  • Hi the diazepam will take some time to get into your system as it's a slow release drug but it should give you some respite from your symptoms over a 24 hour period. Sorry it has all come back; being away from home can be very stressful for anyone let alone an anxiety sufferer so try not to be so hard on yourself as this could just be a blip and you may feel better  again sooner than you think particularly with the prospect of maybe returning home again as presumably that is somewhere where you know you will feel better. 

    Sending hugs xxx

  • Im away til friday. Feeling ok at the moment. But it creeps up on me thanks for your help. So comforting to feel people are out there to support xx

  • How far away from home are you?

  • 4.5 to 5 hours drive

  • Hi deb,  you are going through the "what ifs".  Stressed enough (even after 30 plus years)  that diazepam doesn't work at all.  Not surprising.  Now is the time to take control of the situation.  It's not going to do you any good to have this list of worries.  You are strong whether you believe it or not.  You to tell yourself that you will get through this, you will not allow your mind to play these tricks on you.  With that, you need to do slow, deep breathing.  I can't stress that enough.  I too have had anxiety for over 30 years, but am in more control than I've ever been by deep breathing automatically whenever a situation arises or I start feeling stress/overwhelmed.  You will be okay.  If  you knew what I've been through this weekend you know that deep breathing your way through worry gets you through.  Good Luck   xx

  • Hi Deb. I wanna give you a big hug. I feel your pain as I read your message. I'm curious like the rest. Did being away from home set it off?

  • I have struggled with travelling for many years childhood holidays had a couple of bad memmories. I just feel so far awy from home sometimes and have had some of my worst attacks away from home. I dont give in but this trips caught me by surprise s i thought i was ok. Thanku for your kincness xx

  • aw deb sorry to hear this. try and remember how you thought that you were going mad the last time and that you were going to die. you never went mad and you did not die. and neither of these things are going to happen now, its what you are thinking that is making the anxiety worse. try and take your mind of those thoughts and do something positive. iv been having a terrible time coming of anti psychotics and am now 4 months of them. it was hard work having to tell my self the correct things and taking control of my mind and not letting my mind take conrol of me. you are in charge of your thoughts and you can think good thoughts just as easily as you can think scary frightening ones. do something where you have to concentrate the mind. do you like wearing nail polish? you could put some on your nails and then have a look at your nice hands or you could clean something in the house that maybe would look nice after it had a little clean, or tidy your wardrobe. take back control of your mind and your thoughts. you can do it. all it takes is a little practise. try and im wishing you well. i did it and so can you. i had to take this same advice from people and it got me through plus i had a nice clean house into the bargain. good luck and im thinking of you. 🌺

  • Just talking on here is helping and although im talking about the anxiety its still helping. I know what you are saying is right. The mind is a very odd and powerful thing. Im trying to stay in the moment rather than thinking about a further journey i have tomake in the next few days. Thank you so much for taking the time to help.xx

  • xx

  • Hi Deb, I'm reading your post about bring away from home. I am supposed to be going down to visit my brother and sister in law for 5 days and u would think I was going to jail. I'm terrified of making the train journey myself and also the thought of being away from my own home and out of my comfort zone. I don't think I can do it. I sympathise with u. Take Care x

  • You are very brave! I wouldnt be able to get on a train! I need to be able to turn the car around and head for home if i need to. Ironically i sometimes find if im really wound up before a trip im better when i get going, whereas today i felt perfectly relaxed and boom, it got me. Thinking of you xx

  • wow 30 yrs is long have or do you take meds? does anything help at all

  • I have been on antidepressants all that time. Am currently on fluoxetine and they seem to keep me stable. Anxiety is always nearby. Most of the time i manage it. I hold down a job and look after my familybut every so often have episodes like this. Thanks for your support

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