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Scared to go back to work

Hi I've had the past 7 weeks off with

anxiety and am due to go back

to work tomorrow If have got myself

so worked up Im feeling quite ill

My manager has been amazing but

just the thought of it scares me

I'm on medication and feel it has

helped a bit but still have feelings

of anxiety Have been told to give

it time I feel so alone even though I

have a great family but they just

don't understand I feel Im letting

everyone down and feel worthless

Does anyone have any advice

Thank you


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Hi, It's not easy but going back to work may help you get better. If you feel it's too much and you have to stop then listen to what your body is telling you and stop. It's okay to feel worked up. It's about You, not how everyone else feels. Good luck!


I think work won't be as bad once you get there. And I agree with Tanae it's about your feelings nobody else's. people who haven't had anxiety don't get how it feels. I try to not tell many people as when they don't get it it makes me feel even worse. Stay strong, breathe and see how it goes back at work. Good luck

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Yes ive been in your position time if work then facing going back isn't easy I felt terrible x but once you have got the first day over I was fine and I'm sure that you will be as well x only people that suffer with anxiety will understand what you are going through x good luck darling

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You will feel anxious on your return to work as you have been off 7 weeks .its normal to be feeling this way it sounds like you have a great manager.expect to feeling anxious for a few days or more keep telling yourself I'm going to beat this and I'm not in danger I'm just having adrenaline rush ! And my body will calm down ,just let it ride over you and trust me the anxiety will get less and less until it won't bother you of luck.

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I too am returning to work after being off 3 1/2 months - my boss always says she cares and asks how can I support you? But it seems rehearsed no warmth or compassion - just unemotional words, the thought of having another conversation with her has me crying and I go back to work in 3 days. I used to feel competent and valued in that job - but new technology has me feeling stupid, I just don't know how to understand the new concepts, that plus feeling left out and left behind landed me a stress leave now I have to return and be capable, I don't know where to start? So I decided this is my chance to be trained properly and to have the support to help my depression so i am putting together my own return to work plan that WORKS FOR ME - graduated hours and reduce work load and no phones for the first 2 weeks- that is my start point -what is yours?


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