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Skin prickling + itchy feeling w/o any rashes


Recently,I've been experiencing a sort of sharp prickly feeling on my body on and off along with feelings of itchiness,but there's no bug bites on my body whatsoever. It's making me freak out because this has not happened before. I read online that it could be due to parasites in the body,but it could also be because of anxiety. Anyone can advise me on this? :(

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Hi there. Does it kind of feel like prickly heat ? I have this a lot with anxiety, and sometimes I don’t even feel like I am super anxious. It tends to be on my arms or legs but can be anywhere

Yes!It's something like that.Lasts for about a couple of seconds and then disappears and then it comes back again. I've been feeling extra anxious lately,so that might explain it. I mostly feel it in my feet and hands. It's driving me nuts.

It’s definitely that. Try not to think about it if you can... easier said than done! When it does appear try walking around and being active it tends to help too

Thank you!! I'll try. I realize that the more I think about it,the itcher and pricklier it it could be that.

Exactly that. Good luck and try not to over think it

Thanks :)


It's definitely anxiety and I've felt the same way.

I had this experience in summer I was convinced I had creatures running inside me.. of an invincible hair or feather that keeps stroking my Arms and legs, than after a week exactly it just went! I am like 10/10 anxious most of the time, I think it was that.

You will be fine I promise x

Thank you so much :) I feel somewhat more assured now. and the feeling has sort of gone away for now,so I'm slightly relieved!

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