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So scared of throat cancer

A few months ago I got a cold/flu then after a week or so it cleared up then within days I got some symptoms again. I was having various mouth and throat irritations, all separate. I got what looked like a bald patch on my tongue (googled it - Cancer) then went on holiday for a week to relax as I have a physical stressful job (now on my 4th week without a day off). So on holiday I was having a dry mouth and a white tongue (googled it - cancer). Panicked all holiday, anxiety and hyperchondria through the roof. Got back, had to delve straight back into work. Got sore throat and glands seem swollen (but not like when I get swollen glands) (googled it - cancer) and I keep sporadically getting ulcers (which I've had all my life but it's definitely more often lately) (googled it - cancer).

Well a week or so of the patch appearing on my tongue I went to the walk in centre as I'm not signed up with a GP yet since moving. The nurse told me I should've gone to see a dentist which I thought was damn rude and then quickly looked in my mouth and felt my neck and then she sent me packing. Didn't see a doctor and she didn't prescribe me anything.

Now I do have acid reflux A LOT and it effects my quality of life so much sometimes. I take over the counter tablets for it. I also haven't had a sense of smell for a few years now. Don't know if that helps at all but thought it might be worth mentioning.

I said I'm a hyperchondric, which I am diagnosed with, but I'm the kind that stays AWAY from the doctor for fear of the worse so now it's been around 3 months and I'm out of my mind. Can't seem to find anyone on any forum who's had all those things, including anxiety, hyperchondria etc and also who has an extremely demanding job. I'm a bar manager and I'm doing so many hours a day lugging barrels, getting stress from my piers because they sit in an office whilst I work alone in a busy pub and I have a damp house next to a canal that comes with the job. (I add that in case it could be a factor).

I just don't know anymore, I can feel myself slipping into depression. Can anyone help? 😢

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You need to get a doctor and quit googling symptoms . You need tests done. Probably a simple infection or virus but you need professional diagnosis . Would DEFINATELY lessen your stress and worry . If cancer ( probably not), should start treatments right away ! Not having it checked is not going to make it go away .


stop googling it and go to the doctor and get real advice.


Sadly I have had a similar experience years ago. The doc said you need to see a dentist not me your wasting my time. So in fear I rushed to the dentist and the dentist was you need to see a doctor. Fortunately the dds gave me a script for amoxicillin and said find another doc. Brush your tongue softly when you do your teeth for a few days. His best guess was my sinuses are draining and causing a bacterial flair up on the tongue. Going to an ear,nose and throat specialist would give a defined answer. Anyhow in 3 days I felt better just by doing the tongue brushing skipped the amoxicillin part.

Id find an e.n.t doc and get an appt just to be sure everything is good, If you do have any dental issues then id probably check with a dentist too. That way you can rule out all medical issues.


I think you have geographic tongue. I have it and it's safe to google! Also, the other symptoms sound like a sinus infection, which can linger for months without treatment. That can cause a terrible sore throat because the sinuses drain down the throat, Ick! Also, the white tongue and dry mouth could be from the over the counter acid reflux medication. Don't panic, but go to the doctor so you can get proper medication and feel better. The geographic tongue will come and go, but it's harmless, and I use mine to amuse my children. :-)

Please let us know what the doctor says. All the best to you.

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