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Hi. I seem to have palpitations with every little activity that I do. I’ve had normal echocardiogram & ekgs but something as simple as washing dishes gives me palpitations. Could this just be anxiety and stress or something more serious. No chest pain or arm pain just fluttering and what feels like pauses in my heartbeat. Any advice helps. I’m also on lexapro 5 mg but have had palpitations way before starting the medication

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Hi my name is lou i suffered from thoes many years test after test all normal blood normal my dr was like its not medical its in my head i couldn't figure it out so i just stopped carrying or ay least foucusing on it and it never happened again if its negative on all the tests try to not focus ijoticed the treadmill helped alot with them best of luck hope you feel better

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I’ve realized I always think anxious thoughts when I’m doing things which causes them I’m trying to learn how not to freak out when I do little things. It’s a work n progress but the lexapro has been a big help. Thanks for responding

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No problem. Any time feel better


Oh my, yes! I've had them off and on for years. I've had so many tests and EKGs run and they always come back fine. It really is just anxiety. Doesn't make it anymore pleasant but at least you know they won't hurt you. It has happened when just laying down and when busy doing something. You'll be fine.

Could be anxiety could be more. Anxiety causes the heart to speed up when Adrenalin is released (I’m on beta blockers to block my body releasing adrenaline) I would defo push your GP to listen to you

Hi, just yesterday i was washing dishes, and felt bit sick, then suddenly i could feel my heart beat, within 1/2 mints my heartbeat got faster, i took propanol and after about 45 mints started to feel better, i also get palpitations after every little activity eg..suddenly got off the bed my heart would race, or tidying up my sons toys, i have some good days some bad.. its not easy, and sometimes these palpitations scare the life out of will take time hopefully we will all get better..

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