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I'm new here......Heart Palpitations



Could anybody share with me, what they do to get rid of these heart palpitations? I mostly get them just after I eat something. It normally goes away on its own without me noticing because I try my best to distract myself. My question would be, how do I avoid it before it even starts and also, does anyone know where it stems from?


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I've had them for years. Mine were diagnosed as PVC's. There's a wealth of information online about how acid reflux (even if you're not aware you have it) can irritate the vagus nerve and cause palpitations. I've been on Nexium for years with no problems, but there are other remedies. It will make you feel very anxious, but may be a physical problem such as this.

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Is that true that acid relic can cause them? I got sent to a and e for my palpations they scare the day life out of me and he said i might be acid reflux cause I kept burping and my belly was sore, I've had ecgs bloods done I'm waiting for a monitor to be fitted but I'm getting palpations daily now and more often I was crying before cause I got some more all day please any advise would be great can't help thinking I've got something wrong with me

Oh thank you for explaining about the acid reflux and vagus nerve .


Sorry to invade your post lol I wish I could just distract myself like you do but I worry more and panic, I'm new on here too I've posted 3 posts all about Palps, hope u find how to get rid off them 🙂

Yes, it's very true acid reflux can cause them. I also thought I was having heart problems years ago. I wore a holtor monitor, and was diagnosed with PVC's. Also diagnosed with acid reflux, and prescribed Nexium. I started noticing when my reflux was treated, the palpitations stopped. Still true today. I can feel reflux when I eat something that doesn't agree with me. I'm on 20mg Nexium now, but will take 40 if they're bad. Google acid reflux and palpitations.

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