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Morning palpitations???


I've never really had palpitations before until this past week.. For four days in a row now I get 3-5 palpitations in the span of a few hours upon waking up. The rest of the day I'm fine. I am also the most stressed in the mornings, but I've had anxiety for years and this seems to be a new pattern. Does this sound stress/anxiety related or should I go get it checked out? Last year I had multiple EKG's and they were all normal.. Can a heart problem develop in the span of a year? Ahhh, stressed.

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I am also worst in the mornings actually I dread mornings now! I think if I go to bed stressed I wake up super anxious. My heart palpitations sound like yours too!


My anxiety is worst in the morning too. When it’s flaring up it’s like the first thing on my mind is body check. I have GERD and gastritis so sometimes it’s my empty stomach that isn’t happy. Thank goodness we have each other to talk to.

i have severe morning attacks ....this morning i woke up sweating profusely with 138 heart rate ....been terrified all day

i honestly think your fine i have suffer anxiety for many years i have got ekg pass 3 years nothing has change don't over think it cuz then it will be a cause for health anxiety which i have and its no fun.

I used to get these too. Once I went to cardiologist and had all test done like stress test and echocardiogram they went away. I guess once I learned my heart was ok it helped ease my mind.

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