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Physical symptoms of anxiety


Does anyone else have strange physical symptoms caused by anxiety? When my anxiety is severe I notice my left arm and leg feel jelly like, if that makes sense. Its only that side. I also have strange things that happen with my vision when my anxiety is high. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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Yes , my left side is particularly weaker at times ... vision and dizziness too , I

also get twitches and tics .. feeling just like that now .. sorry you feel this way , at least we’re not the only ones .

lyn21 in reply to 1973m

Thank you. I've had it checked out before and the doctors couldnt find anything. I started noticing it happened when my anxiety was bad.

1973m in reply to lyn21

It’s amazing what anxiety can do ..I’m still learning after 15 years . ( not suffered permanently) , just on and off ! Still now refer to anxiety books and use this forum. Hope you soon feel brighter.


I have cerebral palsy and my left side is the one more affected, I notice this too.

I get weird vision I think it’s my anxiety that’s triggering it. Hard to explain. Headaches as well

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