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physical symptoms of anxiety

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Hi, I have suffered from anxiety as long as I can remember and been on and off anti depressants (fluoxetine). This time it seems to have crept up on me suddenly almost without me realising. I have had physical symptoms before of stomach ache, feeling sick, insomnia. This time it started with tingling and pain in my hands and arms and I just get really hot. Been to the doctor who thinks the symptoms are anxiety and I am on citalopram this time. I just wondered if anyone else had experience these symptoms of anxiety as I have not had this before.

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Hi Cally.

I've had the same tingling and burning sensations in arms hands and legs.Also the hot flashes.

It's scary when you have a symptom you've never experienced before.

Hope this helps xxxx

Hello Cally

Yes I've had those symptoms the tingling in my hands and the burning sensation on my arms and yes the feeling hot. When my anxiety is bad my face feels real warm. Drives me crazy.

Your not alone pretty much every day I feel nauseous lightheaded heart racing and just out of it.

Hope your feeling better

hi! literally everything you were saying was happening to me last night and ya i agree it totally sucks. it is anxiety and sometimes you just have to remind yourself that it is. feel better


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Cally7 in reply to emetophobia_

Thanks its reassuring others are going through the same thing

hey man ya the tingling in the arms, legs, hands and feet is a VERY common anxiety symptom try not too worry and when its happening tell yourself " its just my anxiety, im fine" it sounds stupid but it does work hope this helps god bless!

I just feel so tense that my muscles are tight and extra aware of any physical sensation. Now back on fluoxetine that worked for me before when I have been down. Only on day 3 so not feeling good. Sleeping pills have worked so not so tired but just feel so tense . just want to feel better.

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