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Hi there to anyone reading

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I am writing this post because I have suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression for quite some time now. Right now, I am currently having an anxiety attack and cant stop uncontrollably shaking/feeling nauseous/and getting rid of this uneasy feeling in my brain. I want to die, run away, break free, and just rid myself of this yucky feeling. I don't know what to do. Please help me before I can't take it anymore.

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hi Brenden.sorry to hear of your struggles have you spoken to anyone of how you are feeling.dont keep it building up inside you it will just get worse.

Hi Brenden,

- Have you been checked out by your primary care doc? That's step 1 if not already done

- Assuming you've seen a doc for basic workup (there are a few medical conditions and some meds that can cause secondary anxiety/depression) and all is fine, do you have a therapist who knows anxiety well?

Whether or not you have a therapist, you can recover. It takes time and practice but recovery is within reach. pls check out my profile for the resources I think are the key to recovery :)

brenden1798 I just saw your post now. I hope after this length of time, things have quieted down and maybe you are even fast asleep. I remember those days of having anxiety attacks. Yes remember because they are gone now. There is hope. You've taken the first step forward in sharing your journey with others who truly understand. You are no longer alone. x

Give us an update on how you are doing now and what you chose to do when you were shaking so badly.

A lot of us try very hard to accept how we are feeling.........even if we are flipping the heck out. Shaking, nauseous, etc.

Check back in with us. Thanks

I sympathize with u friend,i feel doctors are too quick to dish out tablets for anxiety.i feel we need to think about the small things in life,the sunset the sunrise birds singing and listen and live in the moment,enjoy the small things appreciate them and the people who love you,pills mask the problem but dont cure it,breath deeply and the big A CAN KISS MY ASS .....hope you feel ok 😍

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