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Feel like my head is going to blow up.


Has anyone else got a feeling like they have pressure in their head and it’s going to burst. It’s not a headache, but a bitter feeling inside. I suppose it feels like a tight feeling, stiff and like it gets locked. So hard to describe. I’m thinking all sorts of things, but mainly that it might be a tumour.

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Hi Emma143, Of course it is always best to see your doctor whenever it may be something new that you are experiencing. I can only go by my own experience in having had the same symptoms as you are having right now.

Pressure in the head as well as a feeling of stiffness and tight band feeling.

For me, it was due to severe anxiety causing muscle contraction headaches due to trigger points.

Let us know what your doctor suggests in treating it. I agree it's not easy to deal with.

Take care. xx

When I'm anxious / panic attacks I feel like the blood is rushing to my head and my vision gets cloudy. My head does feel like it will explode. I am not sure at that moment if my blood pressure is up or not. I am usually out in some kind of social situation when this happens.

I suffered with this due to anxiety/stress. Still check it out with you GP though for many feelings are common but it is good for your peace of mind to rule out the worry you have. Best of luck and make an appointment with your GP. x

I have had this for four months solid now to. Like you I worried about a tumour but the mri came back clear. I apparently have bulging disc at c4-c7 which are pressing on nerves !! Medication helps 👍


Yes, a lot of the time but I know it’s not serious just annoying and limits my life.

Yes! I say that it’s not a headache, it’s pressure in my head. It happens in different parts of my head. Right now it’s the back of my head. I think it has to do with how I sleep sometimes and my neck, but who knows. It’s nice to hear you’re not alone. I didn’t have the pressure yesterday but I didn’t sleep well last night and it’s back. Hope yours feels better as well!!

I have the same problem,its like a tight band around my head,its horrible and sometimes my tinnitus starts too which makes it doubly frustrating,i sympathise with you and others who experience this type of pressure.!

Get your blood pressure tested regularly .best see your doctor to find out if you have hypertention ..mist be treated .can be managed with doctor's advice .take care

I have, when my anxiety is high. There were a few times that I thought my nose was going to fly off my face. Lol.


Yes had this on and off for years and my bp is fine i feel as though i need to relax my head but cant

Yes I feel like this has been going on for a month now. Went to my doc yesterday and I said I was worrying myself sick thinking it’s a brain tumour. She checked my eyes for increased pressure she should be worried about and said it was fine. Just told her about life and she thinks it’s anxiety,depression,stress. I would have liked an mri to give me peace of mind it’s killing me thinkin of it

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