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Hypochondriac and pregnant..help..

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Hello guys, i know i haven’t posted on here in a while but here’s a little update.

About 2 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant, and a few weeks before so my health anxiety fears didn’t seem to really bother me. Now all of the sudden for the past few days, I still have the fear of the syndrome PGAD (persistent genital arousal disorder). It is painful for women who have it, i am never in pain, just have weird sensations. There’s nothing more I have ever regretted in my entire life than watching a documentary on it and a few months later I was convinced I had it by weird sensations. Please..How do i free my mind of this fear? How do I make my life go back to normal? I had to drop my classes at school because I couldn’t even sleep at night because of this.

A few weeks ago before I found out i was pregnant I was doing well, still a little afraid, but no full blown panic attacks. Now, i really cannot have a panic attack for my baby’s sake. How do I get my brain healthy for my child? It’s not about me anymore, I need to be mentally healthy for this baby. Please help.

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Try to see a therapist.

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i’m in therapy /:

Hey there

Try not to worry to much about putting your baby in harms way from the occasional panic attack. I had a baby 4 months ago and suffered anxiety through out my whole pregnancy, at times it was very severe. I now have a very happy and healthy 4 month old. My doctor told me stress is part of life and babies are tough.

I found the more pressure I put on myself to be healthy mentally the worse it was.

Just try to accept however you feel.

Good luck with the pregnancy! Even though anxiety and depression sux your little one will be so worth it all xx

I’m also pregnant 15weeks.. and I have horrible panic and anxiety attacks I always think I have something serious and especially now being pregnant it worries us more. I try meditation and relaxing music before bed and usually wake up pretty good. Try to relax your mind you’ll be fine (:

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