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Eye and neck pain


So I have been dealing with this for awhile! Have had eye pain, a headache on my temple and neck pain and an off balance feeling at least 2 days a week over the last few months Doc can’t find anything wrong. I have TMJ but don’t think off balance and eye pain are a part of it.

I am in constant worry that I may have MS or a aneurysm! Or will drop over to the side and not get up due to the off balance feeling.

I am able to manage through the day but have constant worry every morning will be the last time I see my family due to this pain and feeling

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For your reassurance go to any opticians, or eye hospital with A&E/ER, and ask for an eye pressure test. If below 21 units all is well. Highly unlikely to be high eye pressure but you must rule it out.

You have sbsolutely no reason to believe your death is impending, expect to live to 90+, concentrate on living and enjoying being alive.

Thank you!

Went to eye dr a few months back all was good except eye strain all levels were good


Having an MRI will put your mind at ease; if there is anything wrong within your head it will show up there. Sinusitis/rhinitis are often the cause for eye/forehead pain/irritation. Poor posture/upper cross syndrome/tech neck syndrome can also cause neck pain, tension headaches, and eye strains.

Try to relax, anxiety makes things worse. Chances are its nothing serious. Visit your GP to rule out emergencies.

stress can make your scm muscle tighten up and give you symptoms in your eyes, neck and ear. Try to relax, if your doc hasn't found anything, probably stress and overactive nervous system

I have these same sensations. I had a normal MRI of the brain 7 years ago, but, in my general health anxiety fashion, I’m convinced that they missed something. My eye pain causes my head to be filled with pressure at times and it’s worst when I wear my contact lenses. I’m going to see a new optometrist soon for a second opinion (had a normal exam in April). It’s hard to imagine and to hear all the time that’s its your anxiety but getting it checked out can’t hurt, right? Good luck 🍀

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You may want to check with an ENT too

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