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Neck pain

Full disclosure I have been dealing with fear of brain tumor/having a stroke over last few weeks as I constantly feel sort of light headed and of balance. Now I have realized I have neck tightness. My wife has said it's probably due to the way I sit/always looking down at my phone could this cause these symptoms? I also have tmj and am a constant teeth grinder. I have also noticed the vessels in my eyes are very prevalent when I look closely any advice?

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One of my symptoms is weird head feelings, light headed and foggy sometimes head pressure. I also get a sore neck. Last week I went for a relaxation massage and I told the lady to target my neck and shoulders it was a 30 minute session and I tell you starting from the next day for about a week my head felt back to normal and I think it was the massage my neck pain was much better too. I feel foggy again today and my neck pain is starting a little again this must be wear I hold all my anxiety and tension and probably the same for you. Try an oil relaxation massage but go to someone good it may help.


I figured it is primarily posture and anxiety related. Been dealing w so much ha due to life changes


Anxiety symptoms can do this! Foggy head, neck pain, weird feelings. Numerous strange symtoms.


I have balance issues, too. Whloe back is tense, continues up to shoulders, neck and scalp. I have a tendency to clench my front teeth - daughters tells me when I'm doing it when talking. i'm sure this is interfering with balance mechanism. My eyes are also affected. I get a sensation across my nose and behind it, just like the feeling before a sneeze. Once again, it's tension.


I, too, have all these horrid feelings and am better than I was as I have done lots of reading about anxiety and the human body, and have narrowed the cause down to neck tension.  Look up the scalene muscle group - they might hold the key to your problems.


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