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Hi all , just wanted to ask if anyone ever had a blood vessel go in their eye ? Woke with a pain in my eye ..didn’t think much of it but got up this morning and it’s blood shot !! Which for some reason when I saw it sent me in to full on panic attack.. wanted to vomit..went hot , prickly..etc , had to sit on the floor .. I pulled myself together..but my eye still hurts and I have a dull pain in the area .. any thoughts or anyone experienced eye pain.. not anxiety.related. even though it caused a panic.. thanks


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  • Hey there,

    Yes I’ve experienced this before I sometimes get little blood vessels break in my eyes when I wake up also the other day I was doing some grocery shopping and before I went into the store I went into a bad panic attack and my eyes were an yellowy with blood shot look to them they felt like they were burning pretty sure it was because I was in such a panic over it. You’ll be fine don’t worry yourself over it :)

  • Thank you 🙏🏻

  • 1973, just to be on the safe side I would go see your doctor and see if he/she thinks an eye specialist should have a look at it. It's probably nothing and will resolve on it's own but where eyes are concerned best to err on the side of caution and see your doctor. If you live near London there is a 24 hours a day 7 days a week A&E at Moorfields Eye Hospital in City Road near Old Street tube station. You usually have to wait a couple of hours but at least you get seen by a top eye doctor without having to wait days for appointments so you get reassured sooner. There's also an A&E at Kingston Eye Hospital south-west of London but that closes at 4pm. Best to sort it sooner so you're not worrying about it.

  • Thank you .. unfortunately I’m no where near London.. I’m out in the sticks, I’ve been to the pharmacy in the next village and she’s recommended the opticians.. eyes still hurting but I do think it’s a blood vessel gone .. thanks again.

  • 1973, don't take chances with your eyes, you are not the one to judge if it's just a burst blood vessel. You need a pressure test which an optician can give you. My eye went red 10 years ago and it turned out the pressure had gone up to 50 where 21 is the safe top figure and they were able to quickly bring it down with drops. In my case that eye had been injured as a child so in your case the odds are in your favour that its just a broken blood vessel. But do get an optician to have a look and test the pressure or failing that go see your doctor tomorrow for a possible quick referral to an eye clinic. Either way you'll be sorted but doing nothing is not an option.

  • Or of course it could be just conjunctivitis easily clearrd up by a course of antibiotic eye drops.

  • Jeff 1943 .. thank you .. I have an optician appointment this afternoon.. ( probably long overdue if I’m honest) 😉

  • All fine jeff1943 .

    Perfect eye health ..quite interesting really...

    just a little bleed probably caught it In my sleep! Thanks again

  • Excellent news, that's one thing you don't have to worry about.

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