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Lightheaded 24/7

I am a 33 yr old female with a PhD in psychology. 1 year ago I had a dental cleaning and developed chest pain and palpitations shortly after. I had blood cultures and echos to rule out endocarditis. I also developed loose stool which prompted a GI workup (endoscopy and colonoscopy) which were negative. Right after the colonoscopy I developed low grade fever (no higher than 100 degrees) which still remains most days. I was able to somewhat function until a few months ago when I developed debilitating lightheadedness, fatigue, headaches, palpitations, tremors, shortness of breath, sensitivity to loud noise/light, and periods of disorientation/confusion. I often feel drunk and hungover for no reason. My symptoms became worse following a virus I had a few months ago. Heart monitors show PVCs and possible atrial ectopic heartbeats. The cardiologists and neurologists believe I have POTS syndrome. I have had blood tests for lyme and brain MRIs which were normal. My blood work is normal except for an elevated IGE level and an ANA that is slightly elevated (1:160). My vitamin levels are also all normal. I had a pelvic ultrasound which showed possible endometrial polys which I have to watch to make sure they are not anything else. I am not convinced I just have POTS syndrome because there is usually an underlying cause. Anyone have any thoughts?

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I have been bed ridden since February because of similar symptoms! Mine came on so fast like a wave rushing over my head! I then had palpitations and my heart started racing and I couldn't breathe! I found out that I had 3 arrhythmias and had an ablation on one of them. But I still have this lightheadedness, short of breath, throat tightness/constriction, very unbalanced and foggy in the head, headaches and a constant pulsating/throbbing feeling in my head and sinus'. I have had numerous tests and scans. Seen 4 different specialist and they still have no idea what's causing it all! If you find out, I would love to know the diagnosis so I can get tested! Hope you get better soon!


hi i have EXACTLY the samme as you... and it started after alcohol and then a wave rushed through my brain... that was 5months ago. ive been told its either anxiety or an inner ear problem, as i have very mild tinnitus and can hear my heart beat in my other ear. but that doesnt mean its ear problem.

how long have you had this? the last couple of months the throbbing head and foggyness and lightheadeness with imbalance is jsut the worst!! nothing i do gets rid of it.

let me know if you have found anything out?


Oh and I too had a GI work up because I had abdominal pain and bowel changes!


What kind of arrhythmia did you have? I had an EP study several years ago and am wondering if I should have another one. I have worn several monitors which don't show much so I'm not sure if I want to put myself through another invasive procedure:( Did you have a spinal tap?


I had a loop recorder inserted which showed SVT, atrial tachycardia and inappropriate sinus tachycardia then we did EP studies to confirm and the atrial tachycardia was partially ablated. The loop recorder is very good! It monitors my heart 24/7 and records when my heart goes above 170bpm or below 40bpm it also let's is know if I go into AF. It can stay in for up to 4 years and only leave a tiny scar on your chest about the size of mini M&M. They also gave me a remote control for patient activated recordings, so if I feel a horrible palpitation I can press the remote and it will record what my heart was doing at the time. It's very handy!


How are you feeling? If your symptoms are caused by arrhythmia then you should have felt better after the partial ablation, right? I had a partial ablation in 2010 and never had heart palpitations until AFTER the procedure. Wierd. I was thinking about getting a loop recorder...I have worn probably over 50 monitors and I think my cardiologist is getting annoyed that I keep asking for them!!


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