Hi all I'm new to this forum. For the last 3 months I have had lightheaded feeling, head pressure, and spaced spaced out feeling. The 1st month was the worst almost passing out. I feel better when I lie down. I Have no nausea and vomiting. Have had blood work done, EKG, checked for blockages, and CT done. All normal. Started seeing a chiro because I was also having neck pain and top of spine hurt. He took xrays and told me I had vertebrae in my neck that was pinching off nerves and was causing all this. Have been going to him for a month and a half for 2 days a week. And still feel lightheaded. He said he could help me but doesn't seem to b any improvement. I have a appt with a neurologist coming up. Does anyone have these symptoms and found a resolution? Thanks for any input.


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  • Does your heart rate go up when you stand drop when you lay down

  • No it doesn't. My lightheadedness is like a weird feeling in my head. Spaced out feeling with slight head pressure

  • When you say head pressure what is that exactly? Pain or a swelling feeling?

  • Exactly how I feel. Has this gotten better??

  • Swelling feeling or like something is squeezing your head a little bit

  • Like pressure if I put my hand on top of my head and press it relieves

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