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Help anyone

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So here’s a update my anxiety has been bad

Like it feels like I’m going to forget how to do things or I won’t be able to do thing like I won’t be able to talk and it feels weird to talk now and it feels weird to even grab my phone idk if I’m just freaked out or it’s my anxiety it’s extremely weird feeling I’ve been to the emergency room 3 times 1 ct scan all came back normal I can’t even eat good Because I feel like I can’t swallow I’m not eating as much

I’m like nervous all the time doctors just say it’s anxiety I’ve been feeling like dreamy all day

It suuuucks like I’m stuck in my mind constantly

Any help?

18 Replies
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I can certainly relate to those weird sensations been suffering for 2 years everyday. Have you been checked out properly blood tests etc. Maybe a councillor couhld help. Hang in there but not easy try to think positive thoughts as anxiety gets worse thinking negatively. Yes the sensations can be overwellming. I nearly called an ambulance one night thought i was dying. But 1 month later I'm still here.

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moises602 in reply to Dorsey

Omg thanks for response yes it’s overwhelming it feels like I’m going to be paralyzed and yes I had proper test done

I’m trying to do things but it’s just awful tbh

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Dorsey in reply to moises602

Yes it is just awful my legs are the w orst i can march around fine then all of a sudden my legs go funny. Sometimes i scare myself half to death or it's my stomache. So many times I've been to the doctors and said s omething is in t here but scans and xra ys nothing. Sometimes my throat feels like s omething in there too. Very scary. Just started taking hemp oil day 5 and whaat a difference.

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moises602 in reply to Dorsey

Wow really have you ever been hyper aware of your legs that isn’t makes them feel funny?

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Dorsey in reply to moises602

I had it so bad couldn't even stand in the shower thought i would dr op dead in there used to run from restaurants in case i made a fool of myself. Im never tired used to s pend hours awake in the night just worrying about my health. Terrible wasy to live. I can always dfo things but when my partner mentions going out i will have another attack. But once i get there im not too bad.

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moises602 in reply to Dorsey

Gosh I totally understand you

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Have you tried a process called grounding?

There are different ways to bring yourself back to earth when you’re feeling this way and it will “change the subject” in your brain.

When you go throughout your day, focus on the colors around you. Say them aloud. As you do this, take deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth. This will help your mind focus as well as keep you from feeling dizzy. It takes practice and seems silly at first but I find it necessary when I’m feeling anxious.

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moises602 in reply to kschaeffer96

Thank you will try

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moises602, anxiety takes many forms but it is always still anxiety. Anxiety can mimic the symptoms of all kinds of organic illness. But it is still anxiety.

I see you have worked closely with doctors, including a CT scan, that is good: you know for sure what you're dealing with and it begins with A.

Although anxiety can play all sorts of tricks on us it's power is limited. Can't kill you. Won't disable you. And certainly isn't going to make you lose your mind. (Anxiety is a neurosis not a psychosis). So despite the fearful feeling to the contrary it can't deny you the power of speech or stop you doing other things. That simply isn't going to happen so do feel reassured. You aren't going to lose the ability to walk either, you've heard people say: "I went weak at the knees." That's anxiety: weak knees and jelly legs are common symptoms but they will still get you there and back without fail.

Your eating has become a problem because you feel you can't swallow, once again a common anxiety trick. Some people even feel they have a lump in their throat called Globus Hystericus, your's is a mild form but don't give up: cut food up into small pieces and eat them one at a time.

You feel dreamy and freaked out, of course you do, you are experiencing nervous exhaustion. You've been fighting a long battle and getting nowhere. So what to do?

Stop fighting your symptoms for a start, fighting means more stress and tension, your over sensitive nervous system needs less not more of that. To recover all you have to do is to do nothing and allow your mind to heal itself. But you haven't been doing that, moises602, you've been fighting and testing yourself and whenever you feel a symptom you flood your nervous system with fear hormones. Fear and stress hormones are what maintain your nerves in their over sensitised state. You need to turn down the volume on fear production and allow your nerves to recover naturally, it may take a while.

So, stop fighting and accept all the symptoms you experience for the time being. Accept them as fearlessly as you can knowing them to be fake symptoms, figments of your over wrought nervous system, no longer worthy of your attention.

That's the secret of recovery, to accept all the symptoms for the moment giving your sensitised nerves time to repair themselves. This Acceptance method of recovery was first set out by Claire Weekes in her first book 'Hope and help for your nerves' available new or pre-owned on Amazon and Ebay. Weekes claimed her method will allow people to recover no matter how long or deeply they have suffered. Maybe you have come across this wonderful book before. If not I suggest your reading it is long overdue.

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moises602 in reply to Jeff1943

Thanks Jeff your awesome

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moises602 in reply to moises602

Jeff I guess the symptom that scares me the most is the talking I talk perfectly but the fear I won’t be able to talk to drives me nuts! It just feels awkward to talk and I get like a awful feeling when I try to

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Jeff1943 in reply to moises602

This is the result of too much introspection: you think about your ability to talk all the time and fear that you are going to lose it. Anxiety is only too willing to oblige you in this false belief.

Although anxiety cannot take away your ability to talk it makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable when talking. Although a nuisance it can do you no real harm, it will not damage you. Accept it for the moment, when it comes do not add second fear to first fear. Your mind and body are waiting to heal your sensitised nerves, only fear stops this happening.

Pretend for a moment you feel a tremor in your left hand. Keep checking it every 10 minutes, looking for it, feeling for it, constantly comparing it to your right hand. Hold your left hand in front of your eyes and examine it for tremor from every angle. Within 48 hours you will develop a tremor in your left hand, guaranteed. Your anxiety has obliged you once again.

This is what you are doing with your ability to talk. Too much introspection has turned your anxiety's attention to your speech causing muscular tension in your mouth and confusion in that part of your brain that is to do with speech.

All this is also part of the teachings of the late Doctor Claire Weekes referred to earlier on. This difficulty in talking will eventually pass, you will grow bored with it and maybe move on to something else to stress about, but you can help it on its way by denying it the fear hormone on which all anxiety thrives.

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moises602 in reply to Jeff1943

Yes I feel it when I wake up that’s the first thing I think about like I’m hyper aware of myself

Thank you so much

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Try meditation and excersize. When I felt that bad, the only time I could eat was right after my meditation class. I know it feels so bad but it will get better!!! Hang in there.

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moises602 in reply to Sallysue22

Hello yesterday I tried excersise for a hour and tried to keep busy all day and it seemed to calm at night

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Believe me on this one - it gets so much better. I'm only 23 and suffered since 13 with anxiety. Like you went to the doctors, hospitals even blacked out at uni... I'm now on sertraline and have been for three years and it's contained all those horrible feelings you think you're going through or even feeling! Anxiety is a horrible thing! Nothing is wrong with you and it's not serious - I learned that when I started feeling normal again. You'll look back at all these worries and laugh at anxiety because you've controlled it. It tells you that there's always an underlying serious condition - but it never is. It's the bloody devil 🙈

What're you taking for it?

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moises602 in reply to DanniJones

I don’t take anything for it But yesterday I felt so much relieve it’s just calmed but I woke up first thing I can think of is how I felt so it came back a little but that’s what I expected

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Your overthinking all of it !

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