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I'm 50 years old ....over a month now I feel off stomach swells up and feels weird like spasms...past few days my head feels full and I feel spasms in the back of my neck along with blurred vision...I feel like I'm going crazy...I'm.also obsessing on my symptoms only thing I can think about all day long...I can't seem to stop...anyone else ever feel this way?

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Go see your doctor.

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1234don in reply to sunshineldy

Have an appointment for Monday...did blood work last week ... everyone is telling me I'm obsessing and making myself feel worse...but I honestly don't feel good..and yes I'm obsessing

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Crazyned in reply to 1234don

Hi just wondering how you got on with your doctors appointment . I have also just turned 50 and am experiencing everything you have described. Spasms and pain all over body ibs symptoms and a terrible spasms in my head they start in back of head or neck and sometimes throat and travel up then my face can become numb. I am on gabapentin and amitriptyline but its still happening quite debilitating. Every time i see doctor they mention anxiety and after looking up the symptoms it seems like all the symptoms but it feels like something more to me been four months now and no relief as soon as i wake up its there. Just wondering how you are getting on and if you got a diagnosis.

1234don, I can tell you to not obsess about your symptoms but I understand how difficult that can be. I have had every one you are experiencing at one time. After having test after test done it was shown to be severe anxiety disorder GAD

We must never self diagnosis. Seeing your doctor on Monday is the right thing to do. Please update us after your appointment. We are here to support you as you take each step in finding answers and getting better. Wish you well. You are not going crazy. Your mind is just going in 10 different directions right now. Everything will work out. xx

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1234don in reply to Agora1

Thank you for your kind words

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