Feeling jittery muscle twitches uncontrollable movements?

I am having trouble coordinating my thoughts and at times my thumbs move on there own, muscle spasms?

I'm getting bad twitching under right breast which make it feel like my heart is vibrating. At times I feel like this is going to loose control and kill me?

I'm going through some tummy issues that are causing me anxiety could it be that?? I don't know anymore.

I'm dizzy and at times I feel so weak.



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  • HI Always x I think with the thoughts thing its a lot of confusion as your mind is always preoccupied even on a subconscious level with anxiety x I often find that there are days when nothing seems to work in my head and a simple set of instructions to follow is the hardest thing ever x Twitching is another common side effect of anxiety and can happen in a lot of places x Tummy probs is one that a lot do suffer from, as your body prepares for flight/fight with the anxiety it can lead to your stomach being told to empty as it needs the body to be lighter to flee x I think pretty much all of what you mention are anxiety symptoms at their most annoying x If you ever feel they are to bad thought don't hesitate on contacting your gp x Donver xx

  • Thank you Donver!!

    (I replied but it doesn't show up so if this is a repeat sorry)

    I'm just loosing it I can't calm down the thing is when I'm really distracted I still get those vibrations int the chest and the dizziness is just the icing in the cake. It's Mother's Day here in the US and my family is trying to give me a great day but I'm ruining the fun :(

    I have an appointment tomorrow so that's what is keeping me from running to the hospital. Thank you again for responding :)



  • HI Dont worry I see only one reply :) The thing here is when you think you are distracted you are,nt as you are aware of the feelings and the moment you think of them they are there so you presume they have been all along x A person without anxiety could have a jitter and as they take no notice of it what's so ever to them its no concern as they never know its there x Its the mind being clever and picking up in the tiny tremble and magnifying it for you to notice x Try to relax and just go with it today x Happy mums day we had ours here in the uk in march xx Dont think you are ruining it, it wil only ass fuel to you taking note of those trembles x I do hope you get some answers and reassurance at your appointment x Happy to help xx

  • Hi

    Now I know who I am speaking to as I have just got your reply on the other post :-)

    Sounds very much like anxiety & all the symptoms which I know doesn't always help someone saying that when you are feeling & fearing all these symptoms

    We have nerves all over our bodies & when we are anxious the adrenalin rushes round our bodies triggering lots of what you are experiencing

    Upset tummies are a common complaint amongst anxiety sufferers to

    Have you been to the GP & mentioned all these things , if you have & they have given you the all clear then are you getting any therapy to help you , if not ask for some

    If you have not been to the GP then go & tell them what is happening & ask what options they can offer you to help with your anxiety as they don't always offer unless you ask

    Hope you have managed to settle down a little now , try not to give these sensations to much attention , I know that's not easy but the more we do the more fear it creates

    Take Care




  • Thank you whywhy for responding :)

    I've calmed down a bit. reading your post and Donvers are helping me stay sane thank you.

    I went to the doctors on fri. He gave an anti spasm med for the tummy issues, really painful constipation, but I'm afraid to take them incase something happens and I can't feel what's going on :(

    I have another appointment tomorrow, for an annual check up and I was going to bring up the anxiety issues I'm currently having.

    I'll try to just let it pass whatever I am feeling, I can't wait till tomorrow :(

    Thank you again so much!!

    Hugs <3


  • Hi

    I am pleased you are feeling calmer

    I have a meds fear & am really bad at taking medication , but when I was suffering with a bad stomach like you through my anxiety the pain was so bad & I did take them & they helped , I really cant imagine they would harm you far from it , but I know when we feel this fear that is not easy , sometimes it helps me when I need to take something to say just today I will take them & see what I feel like tomorrow & then when the net day comes I take them again until eventually my confidence grows & I realize they wont harm me

    If it were me I would definitely bring up my anxiety issues at your check tomorrow , it would be an ideal opportunity , I hope you do as I think you will feel better for doing so & you have nothing to loose by been honest about how you are but you could very well gain some help & support :-)

  • Thank you why why you gave me the courage to take the med and I did get relief.




  • Hi yaz

    That's brilliant news , well done as I know how much courage that takes & look its helped you & not harmed you at all !

    If you wobble just keep telling yourself that you are in control of when & if you take them, it helps keep the fear at bay I have found thinking that way

    Really pleased for you :-)

    Take Care


  • Hi Yaz, I'm not great with meds either but I take antispasmodics for my IBS and I've had no side effects. Just some much needed relief from my symptoms. Please try and talk yourself into taking them. They really help.xxx

  • Hi fadedlizard,

    I will be trying out thank you,


  • You are all so great on here helping each other out this is just the things for me to read right now and not google xx

  • You guys are all great the help you all give each other this is just what I need to read right now and not google xx

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