So desperate cant take it an

hi I'm really desperate to end my life ,I'm feeling really suicidal like I just want to dissapear and give up on this life for good,things have just got too tough and I really can't take it anymore,I have had to resign from my job because of health reasons which I had loved for three years and I feel I had been pushed out,now not having a job has made ne feek really bad and as if ive got no purpose crying as I type this,I feel like running away dissapearing and ending all this,I know my family would miss me but I physically cannot cope anymore,I'm sorry to rant on I'm just so desperate.


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  • First thing is first, if you are having these thoughts and they are serious thoughts in nature you need to seek professional help immediately PLEASE! I can relate to some extent to what you are going through, however taking your life is never the answer! I've had TONS of lows over my 10 years of having anxiety, panic, and depression! But I always seem to get through them even while struggling away. If you need someone to talk to you can message me at anytime, I am very active on the forums. Sometimes all you need is someone like minded to talk to about your problems you're facing.

  • hi loveydovey0519 thankyou,I will get professional help and contact the Samaritans and phone crisis number,as really feel so desperate.its nice to meet someone who's been in similar boat ,welldone for always managing to get through,thankyou that means a lot ,I will definitely take up youre offer on that messaging you it really does mean so much to me for your kind and supportive reply thankyou xxxx

  • That is what we are here for! All of us here can usually relate to one another in some kind of way. And I've found just talking to people that have similar issues really helps and puts a lot of things into perspective. There's many people like us suffering everyday so never feel like you're alone please!

  • thankyou that is so helpful to know I really appreciate it ,thankyou

  • imamess, it sounds like you have fallen deep in the hole of despair, However, ending your life is not an option. Maybe right now in your mindset of hopelessness, you feel it is the answer but what about the family you leave behind. Suicide does not involve just the person, it extends to everyone around you who cared and loved you.

    You can't disappear and where would you run to since the problem would still be in your head. So, you have another recourse and that is to get the help you so desperately need right now. Either walk into an emergency room or call your doctor. You need a quick bandaid med to see you through until you can get some therapy. Therapy will give you options. Options will give you hope. And hope will see you through. There's a new road lying ahead of you, maybe better than you thought possible. Things happen for a reason. Remember, you are important. You were given life for a reason. Find out what that was. Keep in touch with the forum, we will support you because we care.

  • hi aogora1 Thankyou so much for your reply,I was thinking of going away far away to do it where no one could find me but youre absolutely right its not fair on my family,I feel I'm in this big black whole and everyone I against me and I just cant get out thankyou I will phone the emergency doctors which was on this wellbeing form I was given ,thankyou so much aogora1,I really appreciate your reply it means so much to me and read this and believe there might be a whole new road out there somewhere for me xxxx

  • I'd like to share a story with you.

    When I was 12 I watched my father die of a heart attack. I instructed my mother on how to do cpr while my 10 year old sister and I stood by.

    Losing my father was the most devastating and traumatic experience of my life from which I have never fully recovered.

    Losing someone you love is an experience I would neever wish on anyone. The pain of losing a loved one is devastating beyong belief and 30 years later thinking about my father still brings me to tears.

    My father did not chose to die. I can only imagine how much worse it would be if someone I loved did chose to die.

    Please get help.

    You are worth so much more than this. You were created for a purpose and whilst right now that purpose might not be clear to you, you have value and are loved.

    You may feel lost and alone right now but you are not alone. You are loved beyond anything you have ever known or experienced and that love is unconditional fully and completely no matter your fears, your weaknesses, or anything you may have done or thought of doing, you are loved and you have a God given purpose.

    John 3:16:

    For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son.

    Isaiah 41:13:

    For I, The Lord your God, hold your right hand; It is I who says to you "Fear not, I am the one who helps you."

  • thankyou I'm sorry to hear about your father must have been really hard are such at a young age especially in.sorry to have that thankyou for replying xx

  • Hi... I almost had that same sensation about 10 years ago. Lost my father to kidney failure and 2 months later my mother was in a car accident and lost her too. I felt lonely and no willing to work or do anything. I started to go to church and prayed for my parents and for me to get better. Besides getting the help I need, God gave me his hands to pick me up. Immess, you can do it too... please get the help and pray... :)

  • hi ebernal sorry to hear the tough time you've had,thankyou for replying I will Start praying xx

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