My anxiety is coming back!?

I have anxiety & always worried easily as a child growing up . Now that I'm a first time mom my worrying does get to me a lot , I'm kinda having anxiety out of no where & it's scarring me πŸ˜“, can drinking soda give you anxiety!? I heard something about that .. drinking to much caffeine can give you anxiety ' but I haven't really been drinking a lot of soda I drank at least 2 cans of soda πŸ™„πŸ™„ I drink a lot of water & kinda wanted to take a break from water one day . My anxiety started to kick in I feel like my ches is starting to beat faster & my breath feels like I gotta take a deep breath, I can't seem to keep still and I start to worry , i need help ' I can't leave my house because I'm taking care of a 9 month old that has a cold πŸ˜“πŸ˜“


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  • Just like All Bad Health Issues, Blame is in something We do or done. For some, Maybe so But Not with me, I had it as child too, As I got older, more serious And today Bucket stays close For when I puke. Cant get breath under control. Miserable Life. Good Luck

  • Hi i got my first bouts of bad anxiety shortly after having my children,i think hormones does play a part in our anxiety but anxiety can come back and overwhelm you,at all different times in your life,please dont be disheartened,if you have managed your anxiety before ,you can manage it again,it sounds like you are breathing too shallow,hyperventilating when you worry,you need to breathe deeper and slower,this will calm you believe me ,ive done this many times, some people do find caffeine makes there anxiety worse so you might want to try something else,i know what you mean drinking water is great but yes can get boring,i like my tea,and milk,it is always your thoughts that kick off your anxiety again,so you probably panicked first when you felt your heart beating faster and your breathing changed,then you feed the anxiety and it gets stronger,please try to remember this is only anxiety and you have experienced it before,and it will subside ,try to carry on with your day as normal as you can,feel the anxiety but keep moving through your day,and i hope your 9 month old feels better soon,keep strong for your little one .you can do it.

  • Thank you so much πŸ’•







  • Hi,i really feel for you,i feel the same at the baby has just turned 1.i was on fertility treatment 2 have him and the hormines caused all sorts of issues which set off my anxiety.i worry about my health,i feel like i cant breathe,im not taking proper breaths,my breathings quick and shallow,when i worry about it it becomes worse.i was on antidepressants cos i was very low after having him and felt much better.i came off them a few wks ago and have noticed all my anxiety coming back.hormones play a big part and especially being a 1st time a 2nd time mum but have had alot of issues before pregnancy,during and after.we need 2 calm down and enjoy our babies but its hard 2 do.wishing u lots of luck.sarah.xx

  • It's normal too have anxiety when you have kids you worry about there every move u want too proctect them and you definitely dont want them too get hurt or be hurt in anyway. Just practice your breathing and don't drink too much caffeine or eat a lot of junk food it messes with your sleep and health. Try reading your bible and praying speak life over your child and your home and over you're self if u don't know any scriptures in the Bible google it ( what does the Bible say about such & such etc) it really works. Try listening too gospel or love music it eases your anxiety level music is like a escape go. I know you will be okay if you mange it before you can mange it again.

  • Yes caffeine can make your anxiety worse. I would remove it from your diet & see if that helps.

  • I get it every day even when i dont think i.m anxious!! Feel like my chest is gonna explode!! Awful!! I never ever drink coffee so its not that!! X

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