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Where's the fight gone

Morning peeps how is everyone today?

I'm struggling today feel like I've lost all my fight. I keep telling myself this will all be sorted for good or bad in a few days. It's getting harder to convince myself though. I know I should try to think about other things, but my brain is being uncooperative.

It's also getting harder to stay out if contact. All I want to ask is where I stand with things. Once I know things will be so much easier.

Right I suppose I should get on and do some work. Hopefully that will give me something else to think about.

I feel like a bloody broken record with all this. So I would just like to thank everyone on here for their help and advise its meant a lot.


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Wil, I feel the same you are not alone,

I think I thought when I stopped work a couple of weeks chilling out and I would be as right as rain, but it's not like that and I guess it's time.....

Don't feel bad blogging on here there are nice people this has been really the best thing for me,and like you I'm grateful for that

Sue xxxxx


Morning Will

Love how you say your brain is been uncooperative , made me laugh , that's just how my brain can be ;-)

Its nearly the weekend , you are nearly there , not long now

You keep talking , if it helps you get through this , then we are here to try & support

Good for you I no its hard but you have resisted contact , you havnt got much longer to resist

Thinking about you





It's annoying when your brain won't do as its told.

I'm lucky I've found this place to vent or I think I might of gone a but loopy by now. Yeah I know just a few more days that's what I've got to keep focused on. It's crap because I want answers, but I know forcing the issue will make it worse.

Why can't things just be bloody easy. Well I suppose love makes us do the wacky ;)


Hang in there.... always difficult when you life is in someone elses hands, but hopefully things will be sorted for you soon!!

Ker xx


To late I text her. Feeling a bit stupid now to go with the anxiety.

How did the interview go?


Dont beat yourself up , I know how hard a situation it is........

We're all here to help you.......... Its a horrible situ, did you get a reply??

Interview went well I thought, its only for a few hours a week, but to be honest thats fine for me at the minute....... there are 6 people being interviewed so hopefully I'll know tomorrow, not stressed, what will be will be.....




Yeah she replied and we have text back and forth nothing serious just how's you and all that. I want to ask the serious questions, but I don't aswell. Really not sure what to do.

Glad your interview went well ill keep my fingers crossed for you. :)


has she given you a reason for the split or is she just being vague and saying she doesnt know what she wants??


The doesn't know how she feels what she wants.


But when I said if she just told me she didn't love me anymore and things are over she said she would be lying if he was. Hence the reason I'm so bloody confused. Especially when I get text saying she's thinking of me and all that grrrr


MMM... thats tricky , how can you fix something when you dont know what the problem is..........

I think a bit of tough love would be good hun, I know you love this girl, but while she thinks youre there when she wants you, she wont be able to decide..... Im not being harsh, you just need to think of yourself first, if she decides 2 months down the line, great, but dont sit waiting for that to happen. I know its hard but close your mind to it, that will get rid of the anxiety, forge ahead with your life on your own , then its a win win situ....... if she decides she wants you, great, if she doesnt youbve still got on with your life....

I know its easier said than done, but believe me you have to take control to get rid of that anxiety.........

Sending lots of hugs............ Stay strong



That's why I've been so confused. I don't know where I stand with her. She's given lots of indications that she's still in love with me, but I could be miss reading things. The text I'm thinking of sending is sort of tough love. It's just basically saying she's got to be honest with me and she can't expect me to wait forever for her to decide what she wants. I'm just not sure if I should leave it a bit longer or just send it and see if it forces her hand. To either tell me she wants to try or that she no longer loves me. Either way things will be easier knowing.


Problem is luv, She doesnt know what she wants......... She prob does love you but sometimes it takes more than that, so shes prob not lying when she says she loves you...........

I still love my ex but I know it cant work........... thats not saying things might change for the better for you........ but it may take some time, if youve had 2 weeks and she still doesnt know, its not gona happen over night........

You need to forge ahead with your life as if she is no longer in it, (this may also make her decide quicker!)

Then if she decides what she wants, brilliant and if she doesnt at least youre not in limbo waiting...........

Keep strong....... ask yourself this, if your were your friend saying this to you, what would you tell him to do????

Lots of love, xxx


Probably what you've just said here. It's just hard when she stays in touch I feel like I should ignore her. but can't do it. Think I just need to give myself sometime to think about what I should do next.

Thnls for your advise it's always welcome :)


Its really really hard, I know that........ YOu have to do what's best for you.......and if that means being in limbo for a bit thats what youve gota do......... Just make sure you take care of your needs too...........

Were always here to help if we can........

Try and stay calm and chill out............



Thats what we are here for Willrich. We all know here whats its like to feel alone and unwanted. Sometimes I feel the same and I can't be bothered to fight anymore. Then somehow my battery gets recharged and I get some fight back. I do sometimes wonder if all my fight will one day be gone forever. Hope not.

Bev x


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